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Slashdot, often abbreviated as /.,[1] a name coined to confuse individuals who attempt to pronounce the URL as "h-t-t-p-colon-slash-slash-slash-dot-dot-org",[2] is a Web 2.0 website owned by SourceForge that, in keeping with its billing as "News for nerds, stuff that matters", purveys user-submitted articles that deal with a variety of technologically-related topics. Slashdot is powered by the open-source Slash engine, which is written in Perl, and uses the mod perl Apache module. The actual content is stored using the MySQL database software. Slashdot has acquired a good deal of fame within the geek community.

Slashdot receives about 5.5 million visitors per month,[3] and a resultant phenomenon often associated with Slashdot is the "Slashdot effect", which is, essentially, a huge traffic spike resulting from a website being featured in a Slashdot article, and the subsequent direction of large numbers of people to the website. This has been known to result in diminished website performance, or even loss of service. A website which has experienced such failure due to the Slashdot effect is said to have been "Slashdotted".

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