Social Christian Party

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Social Christian Party
Party leader Everaldo Pereira
Parliamentary leader
Founded March 23, 1990
Political ideology Christian
Political position Fiscal: Free market[1]
Social: Conservative
International affiliation
Color(s) green and white

The Social Christian Party (in Portuguese: Partido Social Cristão, PSC) is a brazilian Christian political party with conservative[2] social views since its foundation, and since 2014 has adopted a pro-free market vision.[1] This began to be noticed in the campaigns and presidential debates, where the candidate Everaldo Pereira advocated economic liberalism and free enterprise,[1] contrary to the traditional anti-capitalist vision of brazilian politics, one of the most corrupt in the world.[3]

As the Brazilian Republican Party, the party had previously interventionist economic views despite conservative social views, including supporting Lula and Dilma Marxist governments.[4] Influenced by the rise of the brazilian New Right, movements such as MBL (Movimento Brasil Livre, in enligsh: Brazil Free Movement) and right-wing politicians like Jair Bolsonaro and Ronaldo Caiado, the party changed his views and went to look further to the right.

Influenced by german christian democracy and ordoliberalism, the PSC is one of the most controversial parties of Brazil, a country that, despite having a Catholic majority, is has a growing politically correct anti-religious mindset. People with less understanding in politics confuse Christian-based policies with theocracy and violation of the secular state, and therefore reject a party with Christian values and politicians.[5] His most famous name is Marco Feliciano, considered homophobic[6] and racist[7] by the liberal media due to a controversial project which argued that psychiatrists should have the right to help homosexuals who wanted treatment.


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