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Sodexo (formerly Sodexho Alliance) is a multinational corporation based in Paris, France providing food service and janitorial outsourcing solutions to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, corporate and government offices, and the United States Marine Corps. The greatly expanded it's presence in the United States by purchasing Marriott's institutional support services management division in the early 2000s, which itself expanded its market share by taking over Saga Corporation many years ago. It supports the U.S. military by hiring veterans.[1] It services numerous Christian institutions, including Liberty University[2] and Oral Roberts University ,[3] and a Conservapedian predicts that if Pensacola Christian College were ever to contract its food service operation it would choose Sodexo as the company has a good reputation in Northwestern Florida, is known to maintain the best college dining facility in the United States at Liberty University,[4] and operates a vast number of accounts where most of the employees are hired and paid by the institution and are managed by Sodexo, meaning PCC's student work program would be unaffected. It was selected to operate cafeterias serving the United States House of Representatives while Republicans held a majority in the House.[5] It is frequently attacked by the far-left liberal Service Employees International Union, opponents of free market capitalism, and liberal student groups at liberal universities for various reasons. The company supports homosexuality through its sponsorship of The National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.


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