Sore throat

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Sore throat is a condition of the upper digestive and respiratory systems, primarily involving the esophagael tract and bronchial tracts. Other areas that may be effected include: vela, larynxes, and uvulae.

During sore throat, membranes become irritated or inflamed, often from membranic parching or an overabundance of phlegmatic mucus. Effected people feel pain from common bodily functions as tussis (coughing), sternutation (sneezing), and peristasis(swallowing). In serious cases, vocalization (speaking) becomes difficult and painful.

Sore throat often symptomizes serious diseases or infections; consult your physician if you are concerned about your health.

Sore throat can be temporarily alleviated using common homeopathic remedies such as honey, gooseberry, or orange sherbert.