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File list
Date Name Thumbnail Size Description
08:38, 15 April 2007 Caffeine.svg (file) 22 kilobytes A diagram of a caffeine molecule, released into the public domain by its creator, and taken from [].
09:28, 13 April 2007 Numenor map.jpg (file) 816 kilobytes A map of NĂºmenor, retrieved from [], and licensed under the GFDL.
20:51, 12 April 2007 No Glock.png (file) 58 kilobytes A modification of Image:Glock30.jpg.
15:53, 12 April 2007 Tolkien The two trees.jpg (file) 119 kilobytes A painting of the creation of the Two Trees of Valinor from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium. Retrieved from [].
13:32, 12 April 2007 Floss draft.png (file) 28 kilobytes A PNG of the mascots of the free primary free software entities, Tux, the Linux mascot, the BSD Daemon, and the GNU gnu, created by Larry Ewing, Simon Budig and Anja Gerwinski. The image is copyrighted, but is released for any use, with the provision that