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Free Justina

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Boston Children's decided she was originally misdiagnosed and has somatoform disorder instead, which is a mental disorder. <ref>[ Father So Heartbroken About Daughter Held at Hospital Against His Will He Just Defied a Judge’s Order to Talk to Us: ‘I Want to Have All My Guns Blazing’, February 17, 2014]</ref> Justina painfully deteriorated under the treatment of somatoform, physical therapy with a vitamin cocktail. The parents were punished for questioning Boston Children's decision. Under court order of the state’s Department of Children and Family, the parents are allowed just a one hour visit and a single 20-minute phone call per week. Justina is no longer able to walk and had been transferred to Boston's Bader 5 psychiatric unit and just recently, a physical therapy facility.
The Pelletier family has gone broke fighting for her release. The hospital hides behind medical confidentiality laws, refusing to discuss the situation. Malpractice by the hospital knows no boundary and they are an extremely wealthy institution of the [[Harvard]] system. The family is seeking help from the general public, financial, legal, and federal assistance.
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