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Enver Hoxha

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{{Dictator bio| image =[[File:Enver_Hoxha_November_1984.jpg|thumb200px]]|name =Enver Hoxha| birth =October 16, 1908<br/>Gjirokastër, Albania| parents =| religion =[[Atheism]]| education =| spouse =Nexhmije Hoxha| children =Ilir Hoxha<br/>Sokol Hoxha<br/>Ranvera Hoxha| death =April 11, 1985| deathmanner =Heart failure| burial =Tirana| country =Albania| military =n/a| rank =n/a| polbeliefs =[[Communism]]| party =Party of Labour of Albania| dictatordate =1944-1985| war =| deathnumber =}}
'''Enver Hoxha''' was the [[Stalinism|Stalinist]] dictator of [[Albania]] from 1944 to his death in 1985.
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