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Overrated Sports Stars

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Manning - a [[quarterback]] who won only two [[NFL]] championships in 17 seasons, on teams that carried him to victory with overpowering defenses
#[[Magic Johnson]] — lucky enough to play on [[Kareem Abdul-Jabbar]]'s Lakers to win some titles, but was crushed by [[Michael Jordan]] and the Bulls; no problem, Magic was a critic of President [[George H.W. Bush]], which thrilled liberals.
#*People look at him, and say, 'Hey, it's OK to get HIV because I'm living with it.' That is the wrong message. []
#[[Peyton Manning]] — a [[quarterback]] who won only two [[NFL]] championshipsin 17 seasons, despite being voted by on teams that carried him to victory with overpowering defenses; the media and others to be NFL MVP 4 times, AFC Player unjustifiably hyped Manning as one of the Year 6 times, Super Bowl MVP once, best ever and Pro Bowler 11 timesgave him numerous regular season honors. The [[liberal media]] treated him like the Second Coming of [[Christ]] in order to oust [[conservative]] [[Tim Tebow]] from his leadership position in the [[swing state]] of [[Colorado]] prior to the [[Presidential Election 2012]]. After replacing Tebow, Manning eventually caused a humiliatingly early exit for the Broncos from the 2013 playoffs by throwing two big interceptions, and was even worse in a humiliating [[Super Bowl]] loss in 2014 and a first-round playoff loss in 2015.
#[[Steve Nash]] — an [ outspoken liberal who supported Obama], Nash was chosen ''twice'' by the [[lamestream media]] as the [[NBA]] MVP despite never leading his team to even an NBA Finals. Even worse, the former coach of Nash was then hired by the Lakers in late 2012, rather than a far better coach who was available.
#[[Danica Patrick]] - has won a single race in the Indy Car series, but has yet to win a race in either the NASCAR Sprint Cup or Nationwide series, finishing no higher than fourth, although ESPN promotes her first and foremost when showing highlights of the NASCAR races in which she participates. The [[lamestream media]] adores her for her participation in controversial GoDaddy television advertisements.[[File:C Ronaldo.jpg|thumb|200px|Cristiano Ronaldo.]]
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