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Liberal denial

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# Liberals deny that some disciples likely wrote down teachings of Jesus while he was living, as a means to deny Jesus's words. (Ironically, liberal theologians then use those same "red letter" words to make the claim that, since Jesus never mentioned homosexuality anywhere in them, all other Biblical condemnation of the topic can be ignored.)
# Liberals deny even the possibility of women having different aptitude for math than men, even though every [[Fields Medal]] recipient has been male, nearly every Putnam fellow has been male, and the highest achievers on the SAT math exam are predominantly male.
# Liberals deny that the [[Apostle Paul]] wrote most of the epistles which, in their opening, clearly state that he was the author. Similarly they deny that the [[Apostle John]] was the author of the gospel account bearing his name, all three epistles bearing his name, and the Book of Revelation (they usually concede the gospel account was his, are divided on the epistles, and almost universally deny his authorship of Revelation).
# Liberals deny that human intelligence inevitably and demonstrably declines from generation to generation, and that if there were another 100 generations into the future, the people of that time would not be able to understand simple concepts.
# Liberals deny the very real existence of [[fetal pain]] during [[abortion]].