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Southern Baptist Convention

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The next level is the state convention. Most states in the Southern United States have a single state convention; however, due to the moderates-conservatives controversy discussed above, two states (Texas and Virginia) have two separate ones; a more conservative one aligned solely with the SBC and a more liberal one aligned both with the SBC and the liberal splinter group Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Less populated states in northern and western parts of the United States, where the SBC is not as strong, are organized into multi-state conventions. These groups handle state-wide matters such as speaking on political issues involving the state (e.g. a bill to limit abortions) or disaster relief.
The highest level is the national convention. The name "Southern Baptist Convention" refers to both the denomination as a whole and its annual meeting, usually held in June for two days and generally at a major city. The convention handles both national and international matters, mainly in the area of missions, though it also publishes literature and other materials and has a public policy arm. Its main function is to operate the SBC's '''Cooperative Program''', its unified program for collecting and distributing funds for various mission projects.
==SBC Entities==