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Justin Trudeau

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/* Statements about ISIS */
==Statements about ISIS==
In an interview with [[CTV]], Trudeau called returning [[Islamic State|ISIS]] fighters an “extraordinarily "extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization”radicalization.["<ref>] </ref> Throughout the Trudeau government, about60 have returned to Canada.[<ref>] </ref> He stated Canadians can be safe despite ISIS fighters returning at the Hamilton town hall.[<ref>] </ref> Trudeau compared ISIS fighters to immigrants such as [[Greeks]], Portuguese, and Italians, and also believing that they can be rehabilitated.[<ref>] </ref> Trudeau faced criticism when one of the fighters, Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, returned to Canada, with conservatives calling for his arrest.[<ref>] </ref> However, Trudeau called questions about Abu Hazaifa "divisive.".[<ref>]</ref>
==Free speech and abortion==
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