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*'''If you you have been blocked by me and wish to contest your block, please email me at bnefriends AT reagan DOT com.'''*On most wikis, I am known as PCHS-NJROTC.[[File:DMorris TEA for Tax Day.jpg|250px]]My TEA for Tax Day{{Userboxtop}}{{User CPLeader|[[User:Aschlafly]]}}{{User Political Compass|4.38, 4.00}}{{User Christian2}}{{Userbox|#CCCCFF|#FFFFFF|[[Image:Israelflag.gif|45px]]|<center>This user supports [[Israel]].</center>}}{{User tolerancecompromisetruth}} {{User straightforwardbiblereading}} {{User patriot}}{{User American}}{{User Republican}}{{User Baptist}}{{user Palin}}{{User progun}}{{User GunControLovedByTotalitarians}}{{User Wikipedian}}[[Image:Pcproud.png]]{{User pubschool}}{{User Life begins|conception}}{{userboxbottom}}  ==Obamacare==[ Obamacare is kind of like this] ==Conservatives VS. Liberals==American Conservatives, like myself, cherish American traditions that make this nation so great. Our founding fathers recognized the problem with large government and took great efforts to prevent our nation from becoming the same type of dictatorship that England was at the time. We support freedom of religion and the right to bear arms that the liberals and atheists try so hard to censor. We see that marriage should be between a man and a woman. American liberals have no respect for tradition, and they fail to recognize that radical changes for the worse will destroy our great nation. They label [[Christians]] as "close minded" for embracing their beliefs. Ironically, it's really the [[atheists]] and [[pagans]] who are "close minded" as they cannot tolerate Christians minding our own business. Liberals believe that capitalism, a wonderful system which is a main reason why our nation is so great, is evil, and they believe in [[communism]]. They complain about minor or even manufactured problems with our outstanding health care system, which is coveted by many foreign nations, and they falsely claim that other nations have better systems. They will never be satisfied, not even with our great American system. Liberals, in my opinion, are anti-American. In contrast, conservatives are patriots; we desire to conserve America and every traditional piece of the puzzle that makes our nation so better than the [[socialistic]] nations elsewhere. ==Privatization: It's a beautiful thing==Here in America, we have become used to certain industries, ranging from [[landfills]] to [[public schools]] to [[transportation]], being socialized. [[Socialism]] hiders the ability for these industries to improve and prosper. Below are some of my ideas for how privatization can improve our way of life.===Landfills===Landfills are obsolete a lot like the health care systems in Canada, Cuba, and the United Kingdom. Private enterprise would dispose of waste in more profitable and eco-friendly ways. See [[Essay:Resisting Socialist Landfills]]===Public Schools===In America, our public schools are suffering as a result of being socialist. If a teacher so much as mentions God, he or she risks being the subject of great controversy should a radical atheist hears it. Furthermore, there are students more interested in causing trouble than learning in our schools. They disrupt students who are genuinely interested in learning. If public schools were privatized into a non-profit organization, great improvements could be made: [[intelligent design]] could be taught along side of [[evolution]] without atheist interference, and troublemakers could more easily be expelled from the system. Students and teachers would be free to be Christian or Jewish without having to worry about atheist complaints. It would be a capitalist system, and if the atheist minority had a problem with it, they could always homeschool their children; Christians have been doing it for quite some time.enough IPS LELELELELELEL