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Liberal bigotry

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/* Examples of liberal bigotry */
*Klukowski, Ken; Pollak, Joel (May 16, 2018). [ Exclusive — Evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress Prays at Jerusalem Embassy; Romney Attacks]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 16, 2018.</ref>
* A church in Indiana was kicked out of its building after posting a sign effectively saying that homosexuality is a sin.<ref>Anapol, Avery (July 7, 2018). [ Indiana church booted from building after posting anti-LGBT sign]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 7, 2018.</ref>
* The many [[Left-wing violence in the Trump era|acts of violence and harassment by leftists ]] against Trump supporters.<ref>Nolte, John (July 5, 2018). [ Rap Sheet: ***502639*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 16March 22, 20182019.</ref> and [[pro-life]] individuals.<ref>Novielli, Carole (March 21, 2019). [ Violence against pro-lifers is common. The media never report it]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.</ref>
* In August 2018, ''The New York Times'' defended new hire Sarah Jeong after it was revealed that she had made multiple racist, sexist, bigoted, and intolerant comments against white people, men, the police, and Donald Trump – not liberal-favored groups – and it tried to justify her blatant racism – it also knew of her tweets when it hired her. Jeong's racist tweets have drawn massive criticism against her on her Twitter account.<ref>Multiple references:
*Flood, Brian (August 2, 2018). [ New York Times stands by new tech writer Sarah Jeong after racist tweets surface]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 2, 2018.
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