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'''Chess''' is a [[conservative]], intellectually challenging [[board game]] for two players. Based purely on skill without an element of chance, chess has long been one of the most popular games in the world. The goal of the game is to place the opposing king into ''checkmate'', that is, a position in which the king is under attack but cannot escape. The game used to be treated as a status symbol of education and aristocracy.
Compared with the strategy game "go", chess is more hierarchical, more militaristic, and more clear-cut when someone wins. "Go" is much more of an incrementalist -type game, with less of a possibility of decisive moves than in chess. "Go" is more popular in Asia, while chess is more popular in the West.
Chess is virtually unique among games in having no element of chance and requiring a high degree of foresight and anticipation of an adversary's strategy. In competitive chess, a timer is used such that quick processing of information is advantageous, particularly at high skill levels.
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