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Justin Trudeau

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/* Opposition to free speech and religious liberty */
Trudeau stated in August 2018 that it is not enough simply to "tolerate" homosexuality, but that "acceptance" of it is necessary.<ref>Risdon, James (August 22, 2018). [ Justin Trudeau: homosexuality is no longer about ‘tolerance,’ but ‘acceptance’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved August 28, 2018.</ref>
Trudeau's government spent millions of dollars promoting "gay tourism.,"<ref>Laurence, Lianne (May 24, 2019). [ Trudeau’s Liberal govt sends millions of taxpayer dollars to promote ‘gay tourism’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved May 25, 2019.</ref> and he pledged to spend billions of dollars to fund abortions worldwide.<ref>Laurence, Lianne (June 6, 2019). [ Trudeau pledges billions of tax dollars to fund abortion worldwide for ten years]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved June 7, 2019.</ref>
==SNC–Lavalin scandal==
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