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Liberal hypocrisy

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*While leftists claim the [[Electoral College]] is somehow "illegitimate" because it is not the popular vote, those same leftists refuse to see the 2016 [[Brexit]] vote as legitimate despite it being a popular vote.<ref>[ Pradheep J. Shanker, M.D., M.S.] ''Twitter''. March 12, 2019. Retrieved March 12, 2019.</ref> Likewise, liberals have no issue with undermining and subverting democracy if the democratic process leads to conservative results.<ref>Hannan, Daniel (April 8, 2019). [ The UK's 'Remainers' will tear down democracy and all its rules to get their way]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved April 8, 2019.</ref>
*While leftists opposed forcing [[Venezuela]]'s socialist dictator, [[Nicolás Maduro]], out of office and even denied he was a dictator, they strongly opposed [[Brazil]]'s democratically-elected conservative president [[Jair Bolsonaro]] and slandered him as "authoritarian."<ref>Fordham, Evie (March 20, 2019). [ Democrats Who Won't Support Ousting Venezuela's Socialist Dictator Pile On Brazil's Democratically Elected Leader]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.</ref>
*The Left and the media went hysterical over President Trump appearing to express openness at accepting opposition research on opponents by foreign governments, but liberals such as Hillary Clinton did the same.<ref>Scarborough, Rowan (June 13, 2019). [ Candidate Hillary Clinton endorsed idea of political dirt from overseas]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved June 14, 2019.<br>See also:*Kirkwood, R. Cort (June 13, 2019). [ Liberals Are Furious Trump Would Take Foreign Oppo Research, Though Clinton Did, and Kennedy Sought Soviet Help]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 14, 2019.</ref>
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