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Liberal bigotry

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/* Examples of liberal bigotry */
*Left-wing New York Senator [[Kirsten Gillibrand]] compared being pro-life to being racist.<ref>Kirkwood, R. Cort (June 12, 2019). [ Gillibrand: Being Pro-life Is Just Like Being a Racist]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 12, 2019.</ref>
*William Latson, the Principal of Spanish River Community High School in Boca Raton and a registered Democrat, said, "I Can’t Say The Holocaust Is A Factual, Historical Event" and later wrote, “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref></ref>
*In one notable instance in 2019, a left-wing writer ended a decades-long friendship because his conservative friend refused to stop wearing his MAGA hat.<ref>Emmons, Libby (July 6, 2019). [ Progressive writer gives friend a MAGA hat ultimatum—friend wisely chooses hat]. ''The Post Millennial''. Retrieved July 9, 2019.</ref>
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