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Uncyclopedia's userbase, despite being a parody of [[Wikipedia]], supports much of the same liberal material that Wikipedia does. It was hosted by [[Wikia]], [[Jimbo Wales]]' for-profit webhost, until 14 May 2019. Its lack of standards results in an obviously liberal stance, and much of their satire is directed at Christian and Conservative values. In particular, their article on Conservapedia is composed mostly of hate speech, blatant lies, and labeling Conservatives as "retards". In addition, they attack creationism using a "pro-creationist" article, which mocks creationism by phrases like "evolution will get you sent straight to hell" and "Darwin was a **** Satanist". As 2011, very few pages are in their "Liberal" category.
On January 5, 2013, the majority of Uncyclopedia's userbase migrated to an independent fork located at after a long history of disputes with Wikia. A significant number of users remained with the original Wikia site, however, partly due to disagreements with the fork editors. <ref></ref> On 14 May 2019, Wikia shut down due to violations of their content policy, and it was moved to independent hosting and the domain<ref></ref><ref></ref>
Uncyclopedia is far from family friendly; it contains many offensive words and images in its articles. Shortly after [[Jerry Falwell]] died (15 May 2007), Uncyclopedia presented an article with the following highly offensive statements: