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Carter actively campaigned for his former vice-president, [[Walter Mondale]] against [[Ronald Reagan]] in 1984 under the [[Confederate flag]]. [[Jesse Jackson]] refused to release his delegates in 1984 to [[Gary Hart]], Clinton's old boss from the [[McGovern]] campaign of 1972. Jackson, the first African-American to win states in a major party primary, questioned the disparity between his vote total and delegate count, but even Hart sided with the DNC's rigging the primary rules.<ref>[ DISPARITY BETWEEN JACKSON'S VOTE AND DELEGATE COUNT VEXES PARTY], By DAVID E. ROSENBAUM, ''New York Times'', May 20, 1984.</ref> In 1988 Jackson selected Ron Brown as his chief negotiator at the 1988 Democratic National Convention.<ref></ref> Brown went on to serve as DNC Chairman and Commerce Secretary until he died in a mysterious plane crash.<ref></ref>
===Bill Mass incarceration and Hillary Clinton=the New Jim Crow: Biden Crime Bill==
[[File:Clinton Gore.jpeg|right|350px|thumb|Clinton/Gore 1992 convention button.]]
:{{See also|Bill and Hillary Clinton and racism|Biden Crime Bill}}
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