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/* 2009-2017: Decline of race relations */
As heir to the [[New Deal]] tradition and key to the New England donor base, Sen. [[Ted Kennedy]]'s blessing on the candidate for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination was vital. The Clintons also were seeking bona fides among liberals and the [[civil rights]] movement. Clinton said of Obama, "that boy would have been carrying our bags and getting us coffee a few years ago".<ref>[ Did You Know Bill Clinton Made Racist Comments About Barack Obama When He First Ran For President], F. Taylor, Urban Intellectuals, July 17, 2015.</ref> Kennedy was offended by Clinton's racism and refused to give Hillary the endorsement.<ref>[ Hillary has cynically turned to the one argument she has left: race], Gary Younge, ''Guardian'' UK, 2008.</ref><ref>['s_new_racial_reality%3A_white_minority_status America's New Racial Reality: White Minority Status], While Obama raises the bar for racial understanding, the Democratic Leadership Council leverages white voter fear. By Roberto Lovato / New America Media, March 21, 2008.</ref>
===2009-2017: Decline of race relations===
[[File:Baltimore rat infestations.jpeg|right|350px|thumb|Baltimore rat infestations. ''Source: Baltimore Sun.'' Experts rank Baltimore "the fourth most corrupt city in the nation."<ref></ref> Baltimore's last Republican mayor was elected in 1967, succeeded by Congresswoman [[Nancy Pelosi]]'s father, Thomas D'Alesandro who erected [[Confederate]] monuments.<ref></ref>]]
Barack Obama has no bloodline tracing back to American blacks. Obama was raised by his white mother and white grandparents and has little in common with the attitudes and experiences of American blacks.
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