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Nigel Farage

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In November 2010, Farage successfully stood in the 2010 UKIP leadership contest, following the resignation of its leader, Lord Pearson of Rannoch. Farage was also ranked 41st in the'' [[Daily Telegraph]]'''s Top 100 most influential right-wingers poll in October 2009, citing his media savvy and his success with UKIP in the European Elections. Farage was ranked 58th in the 2010 list compiled by Iain Dale and Brian Brivati for the ''Daily Telegraph''. In the same list published in 2012, Farage was ranked 17th.
Farage has been noted for his passionate eurosceptic speeches in the European Parliament. Farage was one of the key figures of the [[Brexit]] campaign. Farage's main opponent in the European Parliament is the socialist elitist liberal [[Guy Verhofstadt]], who is the Brexit negotiator of the European Parliament.
In 2017, Farage endorsed Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama state race. In a speech given at the time he called Moore a [ "true, genuine conservative."]
After retiring from the leadership of UKIP, Farage became a [[conservative talk radio]] host.<ref>Saunders, Tristram Fane (January 5, 2017). [ Nigel Farage to host new nightly LBC radio show]. ''The Telegraph''. Retrieved March 27, 2017.</ref> He partnered in an effort to split the far-left U.S. state of [[California]] into two states, with one of which presumably being a conservative, [[red state]].<ref>Donnelly, Tim, CA Assemblyman (March 27, 2017). [ Nigel Farage, ‘Bad Boys of Brexit’ Join #CalExit]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 27, 2017.</ref> He noted in 2017 that Conservative Party Prime Minister [[Theresa May]] had adopted the exact same political positions as he had a few years earlier.<ref>Merrick, Rob (May 7, 2017). [ Nigel Farage says Theresa May is winning because she has stolen all his policies]. ''The Independent''. Retrieved May 7, 2017.</ref> Farage announced in August 2018 that he would return to the frontlines of UK politics to fight the [[establishment]]'s plans to neutralize Brexit.<ref>Hale, Virginia (August 18, 2018). [ ‘I’m Back’ – Farage Returns to Frontline to Fight Establishment’s Brexit ‘Sell-Out’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 18, 2018.</ref>
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