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[[File:2019-05-30 17-27-08.jpg|175px|right|thumb|The future of the [[Democratic party]], [[Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]], flashing a [[white supremacist]] hand signal.<ref></ref>]]
'''Racism''' is making a [[moral]] judgment about a person based on skin color or ethnic heritage. The hatred of another person because of the color of his or her skin is racist; some use the term ''racism'' for the perceived difference in origin, as a member of an [[Ethnic Group|ethnic group]].  Racism is a manifestation of the [[sin]] of [[pride]] - thinking you are something you are not, in this case, better than someone else because of your ethnic heritage or because of someone else's ethnic heritage outside your bloodline.
The doctrine of [[substantive due process]] in United States constitutional law can be used to invalidate racist laws. Alternately, the [[Equal Protection|equal protection]] clause of the [[Fourteenth Amendment]] can be used to do the same. ''See e.g.'' [[Brown v. Board of Education]], 347 U.S. 483 (1954).
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