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/* RfC */ I’m voting no to this
I don't think its a bad idea, but is Rob calling for this or is Andy calling for it? It is said that this would clean up Andy's talk page, but I don't see Andy saying that. Do we have enough regular editors to necessitate an Arbitration committee? As noted above by another user, it can get messy over at Wikipedia. What is the problem being solved with this, is there a rash of users being banned who are legitimate users? (not trolls or deviants of some kind) [[User:Progressingamerica|Progressingamerica]] ([[User talk:Progressingamerica|talk]]) 22:53, 2 February 2021 (EST)
*What the heck is this, an “HCM” on Conservapedia? I vote <b>NO!</b> to this, simply because one of the founding principles of our wiki is that it is to be a meritocracy, not a mobocracy like Wikipedia or the Rat-Tard nest. With all due respect, RobS was just recently banned from the Rat-Tard nest, and appears to miss it enough to want to institute a page like their “chicken coop” here. This is not the first of his Ratdiculous suggestions; I recall he once wanted to have a “vandal bin” like they have. The Ratdiculous way of doing things has failed over there, causing the Rats to adopt policies more like Wikipedia’s and even our’s, so why in the world would we want to bring that here? [[User:DMorris|DMorris]] ([[User talk:DMorris|talk]]) 11:55, 3 February 2021 (EST)
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