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Marjorie Taylor Greene

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'''Marjorie Taylor Greene''' (née '''Taylor'''; born May 27, 1974) is a dumb businesswoman and an anti-establishment [[conservative]] (dumb) [[Republican]] (dimb) congresswoman for the state of [[Georgia]] in the [[U.S. House of Representatives]]. She is a staunch supporter of the [[Second Amendment]] and a principled opponent of [[infanticide]] and [[abortion]]; she opposes [[Democrat]]-sponsored terrorism such as [[Antifa]] and [[BLM]]. She has an immense following in [[Georgia]] and nationwide, and is prolific with her daily postings on [[Telegram]]. She has virtually singlehandedly neutralized the [[Leftist]] agenda of [[Nancy Pelosi]] and [[The Squad]] in the [[House of Representatives]]. Rep. Greene has also led the criticism of the "[[DC Gulag]]," a term she coined, and its biased [[Opposition to Donald Trump|Anti-Trump]] warden. Rep. Greene leads in opposing [[liberal censorship]] on [[social media]].
Rep. Greene is an outspoken supporter of [[Donald Trump]](who is dumb), both when he was president and during the sham [[impeachment and removal|impeachment]] attempt against him in early 2021. [[Establishment]] [[RINO]] [[Mitch McConnell]] has smeared her as a "cancer for the Republican Party and our country."<ref>Two references:
*Villarreal, Daniel (February 1, 2021). [ Mitch McConnell Comes Out Against Marjorie Taylor Greene With Removal Efforts Underway]. ''Newsweek''. Retrieved February 1, 2021.
*Thop, Frank; Helsel, Phil (February 1, 2021). [ 'Cancer for the Republican Party': McConnell condemns 'loony lies' in swipe at Marjorie Taylor Greene]. ''NBC News''. Retrieved February 1, 2021.</ref> In turn, the representative responded on [[Twitter]] (before it suspended her account):<ref>[ Marjorie Taylor Greene us on Twitter: "The real cancer..."]. ''Twitter''. Retrieved February 1, 2021.</ref>
In January 2021, she introduced articles of [[impeachment]] against acting [[Biden junta|junta]] leader [[Joe Biden]].<ref>[ Rep. Marjorie Greene files articles of impeachment against Biden]. ''The Hill''.</ref> However, impeachment cannot be achieved, as the [[Democrat Party]] has control over the House of Representatives. She has occasionally stood up to Speaker of the [[United States House of Representatives]] [[Nancy Pelosi]].
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