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Ron DeSantis

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DeSantis is widely seen as a prospective candidate for the [,_2024 2024 presidential election]. This has led to behind-the-scenes tensions between him and former President [[Donald_Trump|Donald Trump]], which soon may become more public.
In November 2021, Trump confidante Roger Stone publicly accused DeSantis of political posturing to set up a possible run in 2024, and threatened to sabotage DeSantis' re-election campaign by running as a third-party candidate unless DeSantis changed his behavior and pledged not to run if Trump does.[][] DeSantis did not take this threat well, and responded by mocking Stone's status as a convicted felon despite evidence that Stone's prosecution was the result of a [[Deep_State|Deep State]] smear campaign and the fact that he had been pardoned by Trump. Those remarks were supposedly made behind closed doors, as DeSantis probably knew that making them public would potentially end his political career. Stone in turn responded by demanding that DeSantis apologize for those remarks.[] As of January 2022, DeSantis had not issued such an apology. It should also be noted that Stone is against a DeSantis candidacy regardless of whether Trump runs; he has stated that [[Michael_T._Flynn|General Michael Flynn ]] should be Trump's successor as leader of the MAGA movement should Trump sit out.[]
In January 2021, DeSantis appears to be on the edge of a public feud with Trump himself, after first Trump implicitly called DeSantis "gutless" for refusing to reveal whether or not he received a vaccine booster, and then DeSantis stated that one of his "biggest regrets" as governor was not speaking up more against Trump's early COVID policies, which were strongly influenced by the advice of people like Anthony Fauci.[][][][]