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Bernie Sanders

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===[[Eugene Debs]] documentary===
In 1979, Sanders wrote, directed, and lent his voice for Debs' dialogue<ref>Shamsian, Jacob (September 18, 2015). [ "A documentary that Bernie Sanders made about a socialist politician 36 years ago says a lot about his politics today"]. Business Insider website/Politics.</ref> in a documentary which shows a long-standing respect on part of Sanders for what Debs stood for.<ref>Kurtz, Stanley (October 20, 2015). [ "Bernie Sanders’s documentary on Eugene Debs"]. ''National Review'' website. See [[National Review]].</ref>
===Ukraine war===
Bernie Sanders self proclaimed anti establishment and anti war machines voted to pass $40 billion from American taxpayers to fund Ukrainians Nazis in war.<ref></ref>
== Bernie Sanders' religious views and atheists/agnostics support of Bernie Sanders ==