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Gay pride

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[[File:EU reinforcements.jpg|right|300px|thumb|Gay pride parade.<ref></ref>]]
'''"Gay pride"''', often referred to simply as '''"Pride"''', is a form of [[identity politics]]. It began as a [[Marxist]] "liberation movement"<ref>A "liberation movement" is to liberate an "oppressed class" from an "oppressor class". See [[Women's liberationLib]], [[National liberation movement]], and [[Gay liberation]] for examples.</ref> in the 1960s with [[homosexual]]s "coming out of the closet" and holding '''gay parades'''.
It is a [[liberal]] buzz-word, an [[oxymoron]] actually, asserting that homosexuality is something to be proud of. As part of the [[homosexual agenda]], there have been numerous "Gay Pride" [[parade]]s in major cities around the world. Sodomite groups and the [[ACLU]] have brought legal cases against communities who refused to issue parade permits for gay pride parades because they violated [[obscenity]] laws and parents did not want their children exposed to homosexuality.<ref>[] Ferndale, Michigan police urged to enforce public nudity laws at homosexual festival.</ref> In the spirit of [[politically correct|"political correctness"]], these parades have persisted, despite numerous reports of [[nudity]], lewdness, public [[drunk]]ennness and assault on innocent passerbys.<ref></ref><ref></ref>
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