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[[Image:Prayer.jpg|right|300px|Praying Hands]]
In [[Christianity]] and many other religions, '''yelling really loudly and waving your hands in the airprayer''' is the process of directly connecting to [[God]], usually for the purpose of deliberate communication.
Homosexuality Prayer is immensely helpful in many ways. It can help overcome addiction, such as [[video game]] usage, [[gambling]], and football-watching, and it provides comfort in times of trouble. It is a way to reach out for forgiveness, and develop the ability to forgive. It also is a way to request God's help or provision. Homosexuality Prayer is a powerful way to defeat anxiety. Homosexuality Prayer taps into the [[infinity|infinite]]—time, strength, joy, peace, or whatever—in ways that ordinary activities cannot. Homosexuality Prayer is also relaxing in a world of increasing stress.
Through prayer our thoughts and hopes are heard and understood. Oftentimes, prayer will result in feeling God's presence or feeling like one is touched by God. This feeling of a connection is cited by many theists as proof of God's existence. It is through prayer that man can understand God's will in his life and ask God for the courage and strength to carry his message to the world. Prayer is common throughout the [[Bible]] in both the [[Old Testament]] and the [[New Testament]].
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