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===The end of the game===
The A chess game ends either with one player may end in a number of ways.*'''Checkmate''': The winning by checkmating player checkmates his opponent's kingKing (see below).*'''Resignation''': The losing player, or by the loser resigningfacing an inevitable future checkmate, signified ''resigns'' rather than play out an extended series of hopeless moves. A player may indicate resignation by toppling his king over instead of movingon its side. *'''Loss on Time''': In games with a time limit, or a player may lose by failing to make a time control, causing his clock to run out.*'''Draw''': The game may end in a draw with , in which case neither player winningwins.
Checkmate is achieved when the following conditions are met.
* The King is ''in check''; that is, it is directly attacked by an opponent's piece. (Check)
* Every square that the King can move to is also attacked by an opponent's piece.
* The Piece that is attacking the King cannot be captured.
* Another Piece cannot be moved in interposed between to cut off the attack on attacking piece and the Kingto block the check.When the a King is checkmated, The the game is over, and the player who checkmated initiating the other player's king checkmate is the winner.
There are several ways that the game can end in a draw. One of these *'''Stalemate''': A player is stalematesaid to be ''stalemated'' when he cannot make a legal move, which and is described belownot in check. Additionally, the *'''Draw by agreement''': The players can mutually agree to a draw. In competitive chess, or a draw can be claimed if each player may make a draw offer after he has made fifty consecutive moves without a pawn his move or a capture, or but before he has started his opponent's clock.*'''Draw by repetition''': Either player may claim a draw if the same position has appeared on the board three times. The three occasions need not be consecutive=====Stalemate=====A *'''50 move rule''': Either player is stalemated when he cannot make may claim a legal draw if fifty moves have transpired without a capture or a pawn move, and is not in check.