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Brokeback Mountain

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Despite the destructive message of this film, liberal [[Hollywood]] rewarded the [[homosexual agenda]] by festooning the movie with several awards including three [[Oscar]]s, four [[BAFTA]] awards, and four [[Golden Globe]]s. The movie became the "buzz" that everyone was talking about in 2005 and people were admonished for not having seen it and not being "open-minded" to a "different" love story. In that respect, the [[advertising]] purposefully concealed the theme of [[homosexuality]] from the unsuspecting public, merely referring to it as a modern day "love story" and concentrating on the appealing rugged cowboy element and picturesque landscapes.
Two young actors ([[Heath Ledger]] and [[Jake GhyllenhallGyllenhaal]]) took on the main roles, since many actors would not touch a project like this.