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Robert Jordan

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Robert Jordan (17 October 1948- 16 September 2007), born James Oliver Rigney, Jr., was an American author most famous for his Wheel of Time series. He was stricken and killed by an extremely rare blood disorder known as cardiac amyloidosis<sup>[1]</sup>.  ==The Wheel of Time== Mr. Jordan's most famous work is The Wheel of Time, a high fantasy, good-versus-evil themed series. The series is published by Tor Books and consists of twelve books, the last of which was incomplete at the time of Mr. Jordan's death. The books are:<sup>[2]</sup> The Eye of the World (1990)<br />The Great Hunt (1990)<br />The Dragon Reborn (1991)<br />The Shadow Rising (1992)<br />The Fires of Heaven (1993)<br />Lord of Chaos (1994)<br />A Crown of Swords (1996)<br />The Path of Daggers (1998)<br />Winter's Heart (2000)<br />Crossroads of Twilight (2002)<br />Knife of Dreams (2005)<br />Memory of Light (anticipated 2009)<br /> American author Brandon Sanderson has agreed to complete the final novel of the series.<sup>[3]</sup> Speculation that Jordan intended the work as an anti-Christian attack<sup>[4]</sup> is likely unfounded as Jordan was a high-church Episcopalian<sup>[5]</sup> who attended church weekly and professed a deep and abiding faith in God.<sup>[6]</sup> ==Other Works== Mr. Jordan also wrote the Fallon Blood series and a Conan the Barbarian series. Additionally, he contributed to other Conan works.<sup>[2]</sup> ==Personal Life== Mr. Jordan gradutated from The Citadel Military School with a degree in Physics and served two tours in Vietnam where he earned the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star with Valor device, and two Vietnamese Crosses of Gallantry.<sup>[2]</sup> On his death, he left behind his wife, Harriet McDougal.<sup>[6]</sup> 
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