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Disputed Biblical Translations

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/* The Adulteress Story, beginning of John 8 */ is this what was meant?
== The Adulteress Story, beginning of John 8 ==
The authenticity of the story of Jesus and an adulteress appears at John 7:53 through John 8:11 is rejected by all modern biblical translations and by all or nearly all modern biblical scholars, and it does it not exist in any of the early biblical manuscripts.<ref>''See, e.g.'', [[Essay:Adulteress Story]]</ref> The passage has become a favorite of [[liberals]] to argue against [[capital punishment]]: "Common reasons against capital punishment ... Abolitionists '''often''' quote Jesus' treatment of the adulteress in the Gospel of John as support for their position."<ref>[ "Capital punishment - the death penalty; Basic reasons: pro and anti".] (emphasis added)</ref>
The passage conflicts with Jesus' emphasis on [[Hell]] and is used to deny the very existence of Hell, and thus the necessity of being saved.<ref>Here is an example of a false denial of Hell based on the Adulteress Story: "No one is going to burn in hell. ... Here's what we know from Jesus' teachings. He would never condemn anyone. Read the story of the adulteress about to be stoned." - Craig. [ "Re: Heaven and Hell".] Greater Reality Forums.</ref> How do the different translations of the Bible treat this passage?