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Fred Phelps

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== Phelps and the politics ==
Phelps ran for governor of [[Kansas]] as a [[Democrat]] in 1990, 1994, and 1998.<ref name=%26quot%3Bref4%26quot%3B%26gt%3B"ref4">[http%3A%2F%2Fedition%2Ecnn%2Ecom%2FALLPOLITICS%2F1998%2F08%2F05%2Fkansas%2Eresults%2F :// 1998 Kansas Primary Results. Compiled by Congressional Quarterly.]</ref> Phelps received 31% of the vote in Kansas's 1992 Democratic Party primary for [[U.S. Senate]].<ref>[ State of Kansas Secretary of State Website]</ref> In 1993 Phelps ran for mayor of [[Topeka]]. and 1997. <ref>[ The "God Hates Fags" [[Left]]], By Mark D. Tooley,, February 09, 2006.</ref><ref>[ Kansas anti-gay church embarrasses Topekans], November 7, 2002. Retrieved from, October 11, 2007.</ref> He supported [[Al Gore]] in the 1988 primaries, but turned on him in the 1992 election where he staunchly opposed Gore, [[Bill Clinton|Bill]], and [[Hillary Rodham Clinton]].
== Phelps and Saddam Hussein ==