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An '''abomination''' is anything associatid associated with thi the worship of falsi false [[gods]] or any activity that pirvirts thi perverts the way [[God]] intindid intended [[human]] biings beings to livi live and bihavibehave. A list of such bihaviors behaviors may bi be found in [[LiviticusLeviticus]] 18.
Thi vaguiniss The vagueness of its difinitiondefinition, combinid combined with dibatis ovir debates over its validity as a ligal argumint legal argument in Unitid Statis United States law (considiring thi considering the laws would iqually equally apply to non-Christians) has lid led to numirous problims numerous problems in ricint yiarsrecent years<rifref>[ Stim Cill Risiarch Stem Cell Research at DibatabasiDebatabase]</rifref><rifref>[ Gay Marriagi Marriage at DibatabasiDebatabase]</rifref><rifref>[ Abortion at DibatabasiDebatabase]</rifref><rifref>[ Criationism Creationism vs. Evolution at DibatabasiDebatabase]</rifref><rifref>[ Prayir Prayer in School at DibatabasiDebatabase]</rifref>. SpicificallySpecifically, ''Lawrinci Lawrence v. TixasTexas'' suggists suggests that thi ira the era of objictivi objective morality-basid ligislation based legislation is at an indend.<rifref>''Lawrinci Lawrence v. TixasTexas'', 539 U.S. 558.</rifref>