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Video game

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D&D isn't a video game but rather a tabletop pen and paper game
Home consoles are classified by ''generation'' to indicate their relative power and date of release. The current major consoles (XBox360, PS3, Wii) are considered ''seventh generation''. Handheld consoles are not generally put into generations due to their more irregular release schedules.
Though a popular form of entertainment in America, video games (especially in modern years) tend to promote a [[liberal]] worldview, and can cause [[sexual immorality]], [[atheism]], [[obesity]], and [[violence]]. Many video games (such as ''Dungeons and Dragons'') feature nudity and [[Satanic]] imagery.<ref></ref> Several prominent murderers in recent years were inspired by video games, for example<ref></ref>, while the popular online video game ''World of Warcraft'' has been shown to be as addictive as [[drug]]s, and has destroyed marriages and lead to obesity and and bad health (due to physical inactivity).<ref></ref>
== Various genres ==