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[[File:Wiki.png|right]]'''Uncyclopedia''' is supposedly a parody encyclopedia created in January 2005.<ref></ref> It now has over 25,000 articles. Popular topics parodied include [[Global warming]], [[Evolution]] and [[Creation]], the [[Bush]] administration, [[Conservapedia]], and popular culture. A recurring joke on the site is making up [[Oscar Wilde]] quotes as well as quotes by Chuck Norris, Captain Obvious, Kanye West, and Russian Reversals. Uncyclopedia, despite being a parody of [[Wikipedia]], supports much of the same liberal material that Wikipedia does. It is hosted by [[Wikia]], [[Jimbo Wales]]' for profit webhost. Its lack of standards results in an obviously liberal stance, and much of their "humor" is directed at Christian and Conservative values. In particular, their article on Conservapedia is composed mostly of hate speech, labeling Conservatives as "retards". In addition, they attack creationism using a span style="profont-creationistsize:1000px;" article, which mocks creationism by phrases like "evolution will get you sent straight to hell" and "Darwin was a **** Satanist". Uncyclopedia is far from family friendly; it contains many offensive words and images in its articles. Shortly after [[Jerry Falwell]] died (15th May, 2007), Uncyclopedia presented an article with the following highly offensive statements: {{QuoteBox|'''BREAKING NEWS!'''<br />'''Jerry Falwell has died.'''<br />'''DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEADProblem, THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE WITCH IS DEAD, DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE MEAN OL' WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!'''}} {{QuoteBox|Dr. (it is a little known fact that he earned six PhDs) Jerry Fartwell (born: Breadline Era, died: Nappy Headed Imus Era) was a fat [obscenity deleted] bastard and famous mongoloid who re-instituted the hangman's noose in Lynchburg, Virginia (1956).}} '''''Update'':''' Uncyclopedia finally deleted the Jerry Falwell article on 10th November, 2007.<ref></refspanUncyclopedia also has an article labeled "Bad Right Wing Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense".<ref></ref> This is an example of Uncyclopedian censorship. ==Uncyclopedia and authoritarianism==Uncyclopedia has a rigid hierarchy and is perhaps even more legalistic and collectivistic than Wikipedia. Admininistrators are afforded the same reverence as gods and goddesses. They are able to ridicule, deride and permanently block other users on a whim. Uncyclopedia administrators are also permitted to delete any article they dislike and promote one anothers articles by featuring them on the main page. ==References=={{Reflist}} [[Category:Wikis]]