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Essay: New Ordeal

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{{Cquote|Planning will become a function of the federal government; either that or the planning agency will supersede the government, which is why, of course, such a scheme will be assimilated to the State.|20px|20px|[[Rex Tugwell]]<ref>''The Principle of Planning and the Institution of Laissez Faire,'' Rexford G. Tugwell, The American Economic Review, vol. 22, no. 1, March 1932. []</ref>}}
The New Deal attempted, unsuccessfully, to promote economic recovery. Instead, it established a system which created a dependent class of Americans. The system resembled the managed and bureaucratized, state supported system of [[Germany]] before [[World War I]]. Before this regime Prior to the implementation of the New Deal, the United States lived in a economic system which depended for its economic expansion upon relied on private investment in private enterpriseenterprises as its primary means of expansion. After World War II the US lived in a system which depended for its expansion and vitality upon the government. This is a system, based upon a pre-World War II European model created at the moment when it had fallen into complete disrepute and disintegration in Europe.<ref>[ ''The Roosevelt Myth'', Book 3, Ch. 14], John T. Flynn, Fox and Wilkes, 1948.</ref>
Enforcement of the Anti-trust Act was considered as an essential instrument to prevent [[cartel]]s and trusts in restraint of trade which had been viewed as deadly to the system of [[free enterprise]]. On the [[United States presidential election, 1932|campaign trail in 1932]] Franklin Roosevelt called loudly for its strict enforcement. Yet immediately upon Roosevelt's accession to office the Anti-trust Act was suspended in order to cartelize every industry in America on the Italian [[fascist]] corporative model. <ref>''The Roosevelt Myth'', John T. Flynn, Fox and Wilkes, 1948, Book 1, Chapter 4, [ ''The New New Deal''].</ref>
The [[National Recovery Act]] (NRA) and the [[Agricultural Adjustment Act]] (AAA) were plans to take place the whole industrial and agricultural life sectors of the country United States under the wing of the government, organize it into vast farm and industrial cartels, as they were called in Germany, corporatives as they were called in Italy, and operate business and farms by economic planning schemes dictated and carried out under the supervision of government. This, at the time, was known as [[fascism]]. In those days fascism was not yet defined as [[anti-­Semitism]]. <ref>''The Roosevelt Myth'', Book 1, Chapter 7, [ ''An Enemy Is Welcomed''], Flynn, 1948.</ref>
===Managerial state===