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Essay: New Ordeal

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===Managerial state===
James BurnhamDuring the Second World War, a former [[Trotskyite]], discovered in 1941 that the "workers revolution" which allegedly was US economy, due to overthrow the capitalist "exploiters"demands of the conflict, was in real practice became very much a "managerial revolution" which replaced older 19th century owners of capital with twentieth century technocrats and managerscommand economy. Burnham found that "workers in this mythical 'workers' state' wereFord, the facts showedChrysler, a subject class far more heavily exploited than the workers under capitalismGeneral Motors, Packard," and that Studebaker all ceased the new managers in a planned economy "have curbed production of civilian automobiles by the masses and have instituted a social structure in which end of February, 1942. Instead, they are on topfulfilled government contracts that required them to build tanks, aircraft, and vehicles for military use. They also turned out engines for aviation and naval use.Other durable goods were not easily obtainable by virtue of private property rights in civilians during the instruments of productionconflict. Gibson refrigerator for example, still produced refrigerators, but through only for the government. Part of their monopoly control factory was dedicated to the production of a state power which has fused with gliders for carrying troops in the economy." <ref>James Burnham, ''The Managerial Revolution'', Indiana University PressD-Day invasion of June, Bloomingham 19661944.</ref>
==Wealth Tax Act of 1935==