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Supreme Court

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==United States==
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In the United States, the highest court in the [[federal court]] system, as well as the highest court in all matters within its [[subject-matter jurisdiction]], is the [[United States Supreme Court]]. Each state also has a [[State supreme court|Supreme Court]] that serves as a final appellate court. With the exception of [[New York]] and [[Maryland]], they although there are all called Supreme Courts. In New York some variations in both name and Maryland, the supreme court is called the [[Court of Appeals]], due organization from state to the judicial system. The Supreme Court of New York is actually a trial courtstate.
==United Kingdom==
In the United Kingdom, the Supreme Court was formerly the [[House of Lords]], which was replaced in that role by the new Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on October 1, 2009.<ref>[ "Supreme Court," from the UK Ministry of Justice]</ref>
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