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Stephanie Anne Hilferty Lillis​

Louisiana State Representative for
District 94 (Jefferson and
Orleans parishes)​
Assumed office 
January 11, 2016​
Preceded by Nicholas Lorusso​

Born November 1985
Place of birth missing ​
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Michael Lillis​
Children Two children ​
Residence Orleans Parish, Louisiana​
Alma mater St. Mary's Dominican High School

Loyola University New Orleans

Occupation Real estate agent​

Stephanie Anne Hilferty Lillis, known politically as Stephanie Hilferty (born November 1985), is the Republican state representative for District 94 in Orleans and Jefferson parishes, Louisiana. She is a sales and leasing agent with SRSA Commercial Real Estate in Metairie in Jefferson Parish.[1]


In 2003, Hilferty graduated from the Roman Catholic St. Mary's Dominican High School. Thereafter in 2007, she graduated summa cum laude in Psychology and English from another Catholic institution, Loyola University in New Orleans, at which she was the president of the University Programming Board and a member of the sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.[2][3]

Following her graduation from Loyola University, Hilferty became as a sales and leasing associate at SRSA Commercial Real Estate.[4]

Hilferty is married to her high school sweetheart, Michael Lillis (born 1984), a New Orleans litigation attorney. The couple resides with their two young children in the New Orleans Lake Vista neighborhood. In 2019, she became only the fourth state legislator to give birth while in office.[5]

2015 House election

​ In the primary election held on October 24, 2015, Hilferty unseated fellow Republican Representative Nicholas Lorusso, 6,866 votes (56.2 percent) to 5,343 (43.8 percent).[6] Lorusso had taken the seat in a special election in April 2007. She carried the endorsement of The New Orleans Times-Picayune.[7] and then state Republican chairman Roger F. Villere, Jr.[8]

In her first term, Hilferty sat on these House committees: (1) Commerce, (2) Education, and (3) Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs.[3]

Reelection in 2019

Hilferty won reelection in 2019. She faced opponents from both the political left and right. Democrat Tammy Savoie, a clinical psychologist endorsed by two teachers' associations, declared Hilferty too conservative, but another Republican candidate, Kirk Williamson (born 1983), a developer, said that he was the only genuine conservative in the race. Hilferty, whom Williamson considers a Moderate Republican, said that her legislative votes are based on the interests of her district, not the GOP.[9] In the generaL election held on November 16, 2019, Hilferty defeated Savoie, 11,110 votes (59 percent) to 7,809 (41 percent). Williamson was eliminated in the primary on October 12, 2019.[10]

Both Hilferty and Williamson declared themselves in the campaign in support of the Second Amendment and in opposition to abortion.[9] Williamson said that he disagrees with Hilferty's voting record on some issues and called his opponent part of the political class that has done little to move Louisiana forward. "I fundamentally believe we are going in the wrong direction as a state," said Williamson, who claimed that the incumbent "helped drive us in that direction, and I think it's time to change course." [9]

Hilferty joins Democrats in choosing House Speaker

On January 13, 2020, Hilferty was among twenty-three Republican lawmakers, known as the Fraud Squad, who voted for the Moderate Republican Clay Schexnayder of Ascension Parish, whose election as Speaker depended heavily on the votes of thirty-five Democratic lawmakers, two Independents, and the Republican defectors. Statewide radio commentator Moon Griffon coined the term "Fraud Squad" for the twenty-three dissidents nominally in the Republican Party.[11]


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