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Stonewall UK is a "LGBT" pressure group campaigning for the homosexual agenda.

Set up in 1989, by a group that included Ian McKellen, Ben Summerskill, Peter [now Lord] Mandelson, Waheed (now Lord) Ali, Matthew Parris, Michael (now Lord) Cashman, Angela Mason and Lisa Power. The initial aim of the group was to obtain the abolition of Section 28 of the Local Government Act passed in 1988, which prohibited any promotion of homosexuality in British schools. The founders feared that the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher was alarmed by the current AIDS epidemic and might move to re-criminalize male homosexuality. They decided that homosexuals need to fight back, regardless of the global pandemic or any other consideration. They got the group registered as a charity and obtained considerable donations by appealing to the public to help fight "homophobia" which they insisted was the real problem, not AIDS. Section 28 was repealed under the Labour government in 2003. Stonewall persuaded the Labour government to replace it with a system of vigorous inculcation of homosexuality to children in all schools from the earliest age. The result has been a steep rise in the number of young teenage boys in UK getting infected with HIV, AIDS, and numerous other sexually-transmitted diseases.

None of the founder members or directors of Stonewall had any training in health research, education or psychology but were allowed to become privileged advisers to the UK Government on such matters through the personal influence of Peter Mandelson, the powerful homosexual minister who was the architect of Tony Blair's career. Stonewall has helped to create an atmosphere saturated with LGBT propaganda, including massive posters on public transport and in all major cities with aggressive slogans such as "Some people are homosexual: Get over it!"

Stonewall UK's connections with pedophilia

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In December 1999, the tenth birthday of Stonewall was celebrated with an entertainment at the Albert Hall in London. The star performer, Elton John and the group "Pet Shop Boys" put on a dance in which they dressed as Cub Scouts and then proceeded to strip on stage. They knelt before Elton as if to suggest they were performing a sex-act. The Cub Scouts are boys aged 7–12, so by wearing the uniform they were suggesting sexual activity between such boys and adults. The curious name of the group "Pet Shop Boys" suggests "Pet Boys" which is homosexual slang for a boy used by an older male homosexual.

The event caused adverse comment in the British press and at that date, before LGBT propaganda had completely saturated British society, Stonewall was actually forced to apologize, possibly the only instance of them ever doing so. “THE GAY rights group Stonewall has apologised after Sir Elton John caused outrage by performing a dance act with male teenage strippers dressed as boy scouts at a benefit concert. The Scout Association described the show as "deplorable and in bad taste" and is asking Sir Elton for a formal apology and a charitable donation by way of redress. Sir Elton, 52, introduced the dancers, who peeled off their uniforms and caps to the tune of "It's A Sin" by the Pet Shop Boys. The 18- and 19-year-old dancers knelt on the floor, grabbed their groins, and stripped down to skimpy shorts." John Fogg, a spokesman for the Scout Association, said: "We think it is pretty deplorable and in bad taste in terms of denigrating our uniform and what it stands for. We are disappointed that someone of Sir Elton's standing should involve himself in something of such poor taste. It linked homosexuality with paedophilia. If Stonewall are completely for the rights of homosexual people, they have not done themselves any favours." Mr Fogg said the dance routine was "an error of judgement" and added that he hoped Sir Elton now realised his mistake. He said the association planned to write to him to seek an apology. "The association would welcome any positive sign of regret from Sir Elton, including his holding a concert for some of the association's young members, a donation or taking part in one its child-welfare campaigns," Mr Fogg added. A letter outlining the concerns of the Scout Association's chief executive, Derek Twine, was sent to Stonewall's chief executive, Angela Mason, yesterday urging the group to seek to "educate and inform, and avoid the reinforcing of stereotypes". Mr Fogg said the association had made the difficult decision formally to allow homosexuals to become troop leaders four years ago amid much controversy, and the dance routine was a major setback. "Many of our members will be upset by the mickey-taking aspect of the dance, but the issue is more serious - it gave out the wrong message about homosexuality and paedophilia," he said.[1]

If it is the "wrong message" it is indeed very curious that it was given.

James Rennie, a homosexual, was chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, established in November 1989 as the Stonewall Youth Project in Edinburgh. He was paid £56,000 per year, a salary equivalent to that of a successful doctor. Under the socialist government of Tony Blair from 1997 onwards, these organizations got public funding and access to the state education system where they still impose their ideology on all teachers during training. In 2007 Rennie 38, from Edinburgh, and his partner Neil Strachan, were convicted of running one of the biggest pedophile and child-pornography rackets in legal history.

The police investigation was code-named Operation Algebra. The culprits were labeled by the media as “pedophiles” to avoid any connection with homosexuality, though, in fact, they were all male homosexual pederasts.

Rennie was found guilty of 14 charges. He had been trusted by friends to babysit their son whom he had sexually abused from the age of three months, continuing for a number of years. He had taken photographs of the perversion at every stage and circulated them to his friends, inviting them to join him in molesting the boy. They, in turn, helped each other to access and share other boys who were systematically molested. Rennie's emails to Strachan were traced to him by an MI5 specialist. Rennie was using the alias “kplover” which he told police stood for kiddie porn lover.

He was convicted of sexually assaulting a child; of possessing, taking and distributing indecent photos of children; and of conspiring to meet Strachan, Ross Webber, Craig Boath and John Milligan to sexually abuse a child. Webber, a bank worker from North Berwick in East Lothian, was found guilty of five charges. Craig Boath, 24, an insurance adjuster from Dundee, was convicted of six charges. He was found to have 31,385 indecent images of boys. They included 1,261 stills and 15 video clips graded at the most depraved end of the scale.

Milligan, a 40-year-old civil servant from the Govan area of Glasgow, was discovered to have 78,289 indecent images, including 748 stills and 141 video clips at the top end of the scale.

Rennie was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a recommendation that he serve at least 13 years but in 2011 an appeal court reduced this to eight and a half years. [2] Even the left-wing, pro-LGBT newspaper The Guardian has admitted these facts.[3]

In 2014 Matthew Parris, one of the founder members of Stonewall, publicly denounced Operation Yewtree, the police investigation into historic child abuse, sparked off by the posthumous allegations against Jimmy Savile. Writing in The Times, Parris suggested that the victims were liars with mercenary motives. “I am noting a possible consequence of offering money to victims. A lot of inducements have been added to the citizen’s basic right to sue in recent decades,” he wrote. “‘No-win, no-fee’ procedures with lawyers: the £3.3 million sterling available to compensate Savile's victims, who may claim £60,000 each.” He dismissed the findings of recent enquiries into paedophilia as “Abuse hysteria”. “I suspect it’s a hugely overheated and distorted conspiracy theory based on a couple of probable facts and, imposed upon them, a great superstructure of improbable ones, laced with rumour, invention, sensation-seeking and the allure of compensation.” He did not bring a similar argument to bear LGBT officials, such as those of Stonewall, who get paid c.£60,00 p.a. or use this to suggest they might invent examples of "homophobia."[4]

Bullying Tactics and Tragic Impact on Crouch Family

Stonewall has always relied on tactics of sheer aggression, insult, abuse and bullying to make its impact. For many years it held an annual Awards ceremony, where it heaped the crudest possible invective on Christians, labelling anyone who would not capitulate to their ideas as "Bigot of the Year". Alan Craig of the Christian People's Alliance, Simon Lokodo, Lord Maginnis, Cardinal Keith O'Brien and Archbishop Philip Tartaglia were among those targeted for public denunciation in a manner copied from the most extreme communist regimes. This obnoxious ritual was only discontinued after Christians in 2012 organized a letter-writing campaign to Stonewall's corporate sponsors protesting and asking for funds to be withdrawn.[5]

Stonewall's attempts to "educate" the public have resulted in the death of at least one innocent person. On 28 November 2011, Roger Crouch, aged 55, who had just received Stonewall's title ”Hero of the Year”, hanged himself in the garage of his home.

This tragic story started when a group of 14-year-old pupils at St Edward's school in Cheltenham, played a game of “spin the bottle”. The players sit in a circle and spin an empty bottle. When it stops, the player who spun it must kiss the person the bottle is pointing at. Dominic took part in this innocent game and some participants took photographs on their mobile phones. Later some of them they circulated the images and seeing a picture of Dominic kissing another boy, started to call him “gay”. They had of course been given this idea by the LGBT propaganda that surrounded them, thanks to the mission of Stonewall to "educate". Dominic was already suffering from inferiority feelings because he was dyslexic and he found this hard to bear. His mother recalled, “‘He was embarrassed and made to feel out of the group, made to feel like a fool."’ When the jokes continued, he found them so hurtful that he committed suicide by jumping off the roof of a six-storey block of flats. He was aged 15.

Dominic left three suicide notes, all of which mentioned bullying but made it quite clear he was not interested in homosexuality. ”Dear Family, I’m so sorry for what I’m about to do. I have been bullied a lot recently and had a lot of shit made up about me that ain’t true.”

Ben Summerskill, Chief Executive of Stonewall, read about the case in the newspapers, and rapidly enlisted Roger Crouch to tour schools to talk against supposed “homophobic” bullying. Despite Dominic's own statements, Summerskill was determined to suggest that Dominic may have been homosexual and the parents were “in denial”. He wrote in The Guardian, a left-wing British newspaper, “We don’t know whether Dominic was gay or not, but one of the sad truths of so many similar cases is that parents tend to go into complete denial, even when there is quite significant evidence as to why their child committed suicide. In these cases, those parents are going through all the emotions of discovering their child might have been gay, as well as facing the trauma of losing a child.”

Roger Crouch realized that Stonewall was determined to exploit his son's death to promote homosexuality and would put twits the facts to suit their ideas. They had falsified his son's reputation posthumously and were now using him to promote an agenda that would lead to the exploitation of many more teenage boys. In despair, he killed himself. [6]

Unpopularity with Lesbians and Feminists

Stonewall UK claims to represent lesbians but is widely disliked by them and loathed by the radical feminist lobby, because of Stonewall support for "transgender" ideology, including gender self-identification. Whenever the claims of transgendered people clash with those of women, Stonewall invariably sides with the transgenders, although the women are in a huge majority. Examples are when Male>Female transgenders wish to compete in sport against women, or demand access to women-only refuges, women-only shortlists in politics, women's awards, women's toilets, women's hospital wards and lesbian events. There are even MFTs who demand lesbians have sexual relations with them. Stonewall's preference for the MFTs and support for bullying campaigns that silence radical feminists on social media led the prominent British lesbian feminist Julie Bindel to post this message on on 22 May 2018:-

Julie Bindel@bindelj May 22 @stonewalluk you are without morals, ethics, or any genuine concern about poor and disenfranchised lesbians and gay men outside of your established cliques. You exist as some type of narcissistic self-congratulatory wankfest. Shame on you. [7]

Death threats Sent by Supporters

In October 2018 a petition was sent to Stonewall to reconsider how its policies impacted women and hold a respectful debate. The signatories included many prominent feminists and homosexuals. Stonewall spurned any debate and within days, the signatories were receiving death threats, which one of them said he would send to the UK police.[8]

Despite this, Stonewall is still classified as a "charity" for tax purposes, is still in control of government education policy, gets to vet other organizations and receives public funding in many indirect ways.