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Homosexuality and pedophilia

Below are some resources on homosexuality and pedophilia/pederasty:

Homosexuality and pedophilia studies

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The abstract for the journal article The proportions of heterosexual and homosexual pedophiles among sex offenders against children: an exploratory study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy indicates:

Previous investigations have indicated that the ratio of sex offenders against female children vs. offenders against male children is approximately 2:1, while the ratio of gynephiles to androphiles among the general population is approximately 20:1. The present study investigated whether the etiology of preferred partner sex among pedophiles is related to the etiology of preferred partner sex among males preferring adult partners. Using phallometric test sensitivities to calculate the proportion of true pedophiles among various groups of sex offenders against children, and taking into consideration previously reported mean numbers of victims per offender group, the ratio of heterosexual to homosexual pedophiles was calculated to be approximately 11:1. This suggests that the resulting proportion of true pedophiles among persons with a homosexual erotic development is greater than that in persons who develop heterosexually. This, of course, would not indicate that androphilic males have a greater propensity to offend against children.[1]

The American Family Association reported:

And the Journal of Sex Research found that homosexual pedophiles commit about one-third of the total number of sex offenses against children.

This fact is particularly disturbing. Homosexuals comprise just two percent of the population, yet are responsible for 33% of all child sexual abuse. They offend against children at 16 times the rate of the normal population.

The Archives of Sexual Behavior, in a study of 229 convicted child molesters, found that “eighty-six percent of offenders against males described themselves as homosexual or bisexual.”

Thus it comes as no surprise to discover that research into the priesthood scandal in the Catholic Church reveals that 81% of the victims of clergy abuse are young boys.

Now this is most certainly not to say that every priest or even most priests are pedophiles. The great majority, of course, are not. But some, in fact too many, are and that’s the problem.[2]

Homosexuality and pedophilia

Ties of NAMBLA to the Homosexual Community

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Many consider Harry Hay to be the founder of the American homosexual movement.

Steve Baldwin published the following in the Regent University Law Review regarding homosexuality and pedophilia:

Indeed, some NAMBLA chapters meet at mainstream gay centers such as Philadelphia’s Gay and Lesbian Community Center. NAMBLA’s meetings and conferences always feature mainstream gay leaders and speakers. For example, Don Kilhefner, of the Los Angeles Gay Community Service Center, gave a speech to Los Angeles NAMBLA members on the subject of "The Significance of Man/Boy Love in the Gay Community.

The most comprehensive gay networking website, the Queer Resource Directory ....links every gay group in the country including NAMBLA and other homosexual groups that focus on youth. NAMBLA marches in gay pride parades with the consent of the gay leadership. Many of the homosexual movement’s most prominent leaders endorse NAMBLA and its goals. Gay authors and leaders such as Allen Ginsberg, Gayle Rubin, Larry Kramer (founder of ACT-UP), Pat Califia, Jane Rule, Michael Kearns, and Michel Foucault have all written in favor of either NAMBLA or man-boy relationships. Harry Hay, whom many consider the founder of the American homosexual movement, invited NAMBLA members to march with him in the 1993 "March on Washington" gay rights parade. He also marched in the 1986 Los Angeles gay parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "NAMBLA walks with me."

Leading mainstream homosexual newspapers and magazines such as the Advocate, Edge, Metroline, The Guide, and The San Francisco Sentinel have not only published pro-NAMBLA articles and columns but also many have editorialized in favor of NAMBLA and sex with children.[3]

Homosexuality and Pedophilia - Journal of Homosexuality, International Lesbian and Gay Federation (ILGA) and NAMBLA

There are notable instances of prominent homosexual organizations being permissive towards pedophilia or condoning/promoting pedophilia. For example, the Journal of Homosexuality is an academic journal which has featured material that looks upon pedophilia in a generally approvingly manner.[4][5] For example, an article by Dr. Brongersma stated that parents should not view a pedophile "as a rival or competitor, not as a thief of their property, but as a partner in the boy's upbringing, someone to be welcomed into their home..."[6]

The International Lesbian and Gay Association was founded in 1978 and is a worldwide network of national and local homosexual groups has more than 620 member organizations.[7] In 1993 the ILGA obtained consultative status on the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) but in 1994 they lost their status due to groups within their membership, most notably the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and Vereniging MARTIJN, advocating pedophilia or expressing solidarity with pro-pedophilia groups.[8] ILGA expelled the groups associated with pedophilia but they were denied ECOSOC decided against restoring ILGA’s consultative status in 2002 and once again in January 2006.[9] NAMBLA had been a member of the ILGA for a decade before it was expelled by the ILGA. NAMBLA calls itself a homosexual organization.

United States Government Leaders Have Preyed on Adolescents

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth wrote:

…isn’t it telling most of the tiny number of homosexual male U.S. Congressmen have been caught in sex scandals-...Massachusetts Rep. Gerry Studds, who had sex with a 17-year-old boy and then turned his back on fellow House Members during the censure vote against him? And Bob Bauman, who in 1980 was charged with soliciting a 16-year-old boy for sex?

....Let’s see: three homosexual Congressmen involved in sexual seductions of minor boys-ages 16, 17, and 17 (Foley). And yet homosexual activists ridicule anyone who suggests there is a predatory or pedophilic component to male homosexuality…”[10]

Atheism, pederasty and NAMBLA

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Some of the well known atheist advocates of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) are:

1. The atheist and homosexual David Thorstad was a founding member of the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).[11]

2. Harry Hay (1912 - 2002) was an liberal advocate of statutory rape and the widely acknowledged founder and progenitor of the activist homosexual agenda in the United States. Hay joined the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA) in 1934.[12] Harry Hay was an atheist.[13] He was a vociferous advocate of man/boy love.[14][15] In 1986, as noted earlier, Hay marched in a gay parade wearing a shirt emblazoned with the words "NAMBLA walks with me."[16]

3. The writer Samuel R. Delaney is an atheist and a homosexual.[17][18] Delaney said he was a supporter of NAMBLA.[19]

John Maynard Keynes and pederasty

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John Maynard Keynes was the founder of Keynesian economics. Lytton Strachey, his male bed partner, wrote that Keynes was “A liberal and a sodomite, An atheist and a statistician.”[20] Keynes and his friends made numerous trips to the resorts surrounding the Mediterranean. At the resorts, little boys were sold by their families to bordellos which catered to homosexuals.[21]

In 2008, The Atlantic reported:

Keynes obsessively counted and tabulated almost everything; it was a life-long habit. As a child, he counted the number of front steps of every house on his street. Later he kept a running record (not surprisingly) of his expenses and his golf scores. He also counted and tabulated his sex life.

The first diary is easy: Keynes lists his sexual partners, either by their initials (GLS for Lytton Strachey, DG for Duncan Grant) or their nicknames ("Tressider," for J. T. Sheppard, the King's College Provost). When he apparently had a quick, anonymous hook-up, he listed that sex partner generically: "16-year-old under Etna" and "Lift boy of Vauxhall" in 1911, for instance, and "Jew boy," in 1912.[22]

Keynes was a bisexual who married Lydia Lopokova, a famous Russian ballerina; they were married for 21 years.[23] In his work The Cambridge Apostles, 1820-1914: Liberalism, Imagination, and Friendship in British Intellectual and Professional Life, William C. Lubenow expresses the opinion that Keynes was an agnostic.[24]

Pedophile Information Exchange

See also: Pedophile Information Exchange

The Pedophile Information Exchange was an organization set up in the UK in 1974 to campaign to legalize and normalize pedophilia. Its members were almost all homosexual and were members of leading homosexual rights groups, such as Campaign for Homosexual Equality which fostered and encouraged them. This taken with the similar evidence from pedophile groups all over the world including NAMBLA in the USA provides notable evidence of the links between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Roman Catholic Church, Homosexuality and pederasty

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the American Roman Catholic bishops and the Vatican had noted a growing problem with clerical sexual abuse in the U.S.[25] In addition, Ireland and other European countries have experienced problems relating to instances of Roman Catholic priests sexually abusing children.[26]

Catholic League president Bill Donohue declared concerning the scandals of priests molesting minors:

The latest attempt to silence me comes from GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), Call to Action and the Interfaith Alliance. The three left-wing organizations have joined hands demanding that the media "ignore Bill Donohue." Their complaint? My telling the truth about the role homosexual priests have played in the abuse scandal.

The data collected by John Jay College of Criminal Justice show that between 1950 and 2002, 81 percent of the victims were male and 75 percent of them were post-pubescent. In other words, three out of every four victims have been abused by homosexuals. By the way, puberty, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, begins at age 10 for boys.

No problem can be remedied without an accurate diagnosis. And any accurate diagnosis that does not finger the role that homosexuals have played in molesting minors is intellectually dishonest. The cover-up must end. And so must attempts to muzzle my voice. Everything I am saying is what most people already know, but are afraid to say it. It's time for some straight talk.[27]

Bill Donahue published in the New York Times:

The Times continues to editorialize about the "pedophilia crisis", when all along it's been a homosexual crisis. Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay.[28]

HIV Infected Adolescents and Young Adults in America and Infection by Older Men

For related information please see: Teenager Homosexuality

In 2006, the noted pediatric journal entitled Journal of Adolescent Health published a position paper entitled HIV infection and AIDS in adolescents: An update of the position of the Society for Adolescent Medicine.[29] The aforementioned 2006 position paper of the Journal of Adolescent Health stated the following: "Among adolescents and young adults with HIV or AIDS, most infections are acquired by having sex with HIV-infected men."[30] In addition, the Journal of Adolecent Health stated the following:

As of December 31, 2003, almost 38,500 cases of AIDS had been reported in adolescents and young adults 13–24 years old in the United States of America. Previous studies demonstrating that the risk of AIDS increased with the age at infection suggest that a large proportion of people developing AIDS in their third decade of life became infected with HIV as teens.[31]

Medical Community Negligence and Government Negligence

For more information please see: Adolescent AIDS and Medical Community Negligence

In 2000, the medical journal AIDS (London, England) made the following embarrassing admission in respect to a 1998 review of the medical literature by medical researchers Mansergh and Marks:

In their review of age and HIV risk behavior among gay men, Mansergh and Marks concluded that younger age was fairly consistently found to be associated with unprotected anal sex in North American studies, while only limited evidence was found for the association in European and Australian samples. Reasons for this are unclear. In order to assess more accurately the HIV risk for young gay men, it would be helpful to examine the degree of sexual 'mixing' across age groups and HIV status more closely. Although some studies have included assessments of perceived or known HIV status of young men's sexual partners, none of the studies reported the age ranges of the young men's sexual partners.(emphasis added)[32]
Illustration of HIV reproduction

In 1995, without giving specific age ranges of homosexual adolescents' sexual partners, medical researchers stated the following regarding youths seeking help at the only homosexual identified agency New York City: "...many homosexual male adolescents have sexual relationships with homosexual men, the group with the highest prevalence for AIDS."[33]

Given that the adolescent HIV infection was seen as a problem in the late 1980s, the failure of medical researchers to publish material in the past regarding the age ranges of the individuals infecting adolescents is inexcusable. The pro-homosexaulity publication The Advocate stated the following regarding adolescent HIV infection on March 24, 1992 in an article entitled America's Worst Kept Secret - AIDS is devastating the Nation's Teenager and Gay Kids are Dying by the Thousands:

And while adolescents currently represent only 2% of the AIDS cases reported by the CDC, for the past six years the number of adolescent case of AIDS has doubled every 14 months, which is, according to epidemiologists, the same rate of expansion seen in the gay male population in the first few years of the epidemic.

"Teenagers are the next wave of the epidemic," warns Dr. Karen Hein, associate professor of pediatrics, epidemiology, and social medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City....

The CDC stated in November that in Los Angeles and Miami, adolescent AIDS cases represent about 20% of all reported cases in those cities and that in Newark,N.J adolescents represent almost 35% of all AIDS cases. The infection rates among adolescents are similarly high in San Francisco, Boston, and Philadelphia.[34]

In 1987, in an article entitled Male Homosexuality: An Adolescents Perspective the medical journal Pediatrics made the following admission regarding the poverty of medical study regarding adolescents and homosexuality:

The controversies surrounding adolescent homosexuality may, in part, be attributed to the lack of investigations directly involving homosexual youths. A recent review of the literature concluded that current knowledge is based on opinions, clinical anecdotes, and studies of gay adults, recalling their adolescence. To our knowledge, there has been only one previous attempt to understand homosexuality from an adolescent's perspective.[35]

Homosexuality and Older Homosexuals Preying on Vulnerable Youth

The pro-homosexuality publication The Advocate in 1992 made the following admission in regards to homosexuality and HIV infection in American youth:

Gay boys and straight girls who are having sex for money, shelter, love - they are at risk. And our community, the gay and lesbian community - and I particularly fault gay men here - has done nothing to try to help our youth. Gay men view these boys as recreational toys to be used. I have heard many stories of HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with boys. They don’t think it matters.[36]
Stylized rendering of a cross-section of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus

In 1991, the medical researcher Kruks reported the following in the Journal of Adolescent Health regarding homosexuality and HIV infection among youth:

Gay male street youth, as well as nonlesbian female street youths, seem to be particularly vulnerable for emotional as well as sexual exploitation...

These relationships are often extremely damaging for a number of reasons. The "sugar daddy" usually presents himself to the youth in a loving caretaker role. For a street youth who has a past history of rejection and/or abuse, the promise of being loved and cared for is a compelling one. However, these relationships in many ways have similar dynamics to incest.

Many gay youths coming to YSD [Youth Services Dept. of Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Service Center] for services have long histories of being involved in a succession of "sugar daddy" relationships. Each of these is a cycle of falling in love, believing that life will now be wonderful forever and that this older adult truly loves the young person, discovering that in fact it is just sex that the adult wants, feeling the impact of one more betrayal, and ending up on the streets again. The whole cycle last an average of 1-2 months, and the youth often becomes extremely suicidal at the end of each cycle.[37][38]

In 1995, the medical journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine stated the following:

Another group at high risk for HIV infection is young men reporting sex with other men....Many young gay men tested in homeless youth centers reproted exchanging money or drugs for sex, which may place them at high risk for HIV infection. Young men who are homeless or runaways who barter for sex with same-sex partners may not consider themselves gay and thus may beyond the reach of prevention messages targeting the gay community.[39]

Independent Research Project

An independent research project done by a group of British researchers into the connections between homosexuality and pedophilia used evidence from biographies, histories, criminology and news reports, to demonstrate that a very high proportion of known homosexuals and an even higher percentage of homosexual activists around the world are pedophiles. An index is provided and the evidence is presented in alphabetical order, for easy reference. "This new book is a useful compilation of a lot of available evidence on this subject. Next time you hear somebody say "There is no connection between homosexuality and paedophilia," you can have all the facts ready. Just consult this handy A-Z. From Auden to Pasolini, from Oscar Wilde to Gore Vidal, most famous gays were pedophiles. and so were all the founders and leaders of the "Gay" Rights movement. Who says so? Well in most cases they did. Here is the evidence. It gives you the names, the dates and the sources to prove that the correlation is very strong and undeniable. The LGBT movement has always been a pedophile movement and its object is to destroy the family." The findings are on this website:- [40]

Log Cabin Republicans vs. Mark Foley

Peter LaBarbera who is president of Americans for Truth, which is an organization that opposes the homosexual agenda, stated the following:

With the efficiency of a Stalinist historian, the homosexual group Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) has purged this photograph of former Florida Rep. Mark Foley, disgraced homosexual and seducer of teenage boys, from its website. Foley was among the politicians and pundits whom LCR proudly recorded as speaking at its 2003 national convention in Washington, D.C. But they’re not so proud anymore.[41]

Concerned Women for America wrote:

[Foley’s] voting record on gay rights has become a controversial issue. He's campaigning across Florida for the U.S. Senate. The people have a right to know,” Norman wrote in a long column May 8. “And dancing around the truth is just getting too weird to abide.”

In the column, Norman quotes Tracy Thorne, a homosexual and activist for homosexuals in the military, saying that Foley brought a “boyfriend” along on a visit to Thorne in the early 1990s.

Foley and his spokesman say they will not answer reporters’ questions about his “personal life.” The homosexual newspaper Washington Blade was told the same when it asked spokesman Kirk Fordham “point blank if Foley is gay.”[42]

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