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The Pedophile [Paedophile] Information Exchange (PIE) was an organization set up in the UK in 1974 to campaign to legalize and normalize pedophilia. Its members were almost all homosexual and were members of leading homosexual rights groups, such as Campaign for Homosexual Equality which fostered and encouraged them. This taken with the similar evidence from pedophile groups all over the world including NAMBLA in the USA provides notable evidence of the links between homosexuality and pedophilia (see: Homosexuality and pedophilia).


PIE was first set up in 1974 in Edinburgh by Ian Campbell Dunn and Michael Hanson whom the Sunday Times correctly described as "gay rights leaders".[1] In 1975 it relocated from Edinburgh to London, and Keith Hose became its chairman.

The founder members included Peter Righton, Charles Napier, Kenneth Plummer, Richard Alston, Tom O'Carroll, Leo Adamson and Warren Middleton (alias John Parratt), all homosexuals and campaigners for homosexual rights. Other members included Stephen Adrian Smith, Barry Cutler, David Joy, Peter Bremner, Father Barry Ingram a Catholic priest, Lee Edwards, Mike Williams a scoutmaster, and Richard Travell a Sunday School teacher, all male homosexuals. Among secret members later exposed were Sir Peter Hayman, former British High Commissioner to Canada. Stephen Smith who was at one time chairman of PIE, worked as a machine supervisor at the UK Home Office where he used their office equipment to print PIE newsletters and magazines. He also used his work contact details as the official address and telephone number of PIE. So the organisation could be said to be well inside the British Establishment.

PIE had very few female members but those few were lesbians. One of them Nettie Pollard, PIE member number 70, was Gay and Lesbian Officer for the UK National Council for Civil Liberties, a supposedly libertarian but actually very leftwing organization. She invited Tom O’Carroll to sit on NCCL’s Gay Rights committee.

It has been alleged that Sir Jimmy Savile was a member of PIE.[2]

History of Campaigning

PIE issued its own periodicals one being The Magpie in which members argued their case i.e. there was no harm in pedophilia, society was stupid, the laws were oppressive and abolishing the age of consent was "progress". Another of their journals was called "Minor Problems" edited by Peter Bremner (alias Roger Nash). It billed itself as ‘a new radical review for free intergenerational and child sexuality’, covering up its editor's membership of PIE. It attempted to attract subscribers through a mix of social-work jargon and a bogus claim that its publishers were ‘an independent editorial collective, not bound to any organisation or group, not adhering to any dogmatic theories, not limited by preconceived ideas, not working for any profits.’ For good measure it gave a false ISBN classification number.[3]

PIE members lobbied Parliament and demonstrated there. They issued demands that the age of consent for sexual activity should be reduced to four (years).

In 1977 PIE sent delegates to the NCCL conference at Swansea, and invited pro-pedophile campaigners from the Continent to come to Britain to speak. One of these was Dr Edward Brongersma, a Dutch MP, who spoke at the conference of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality in Nottingham in August 1977, in favor of reducing or abolishing the legal age of consent, and received a standing ovation.[4]

In 1983, PIE members marched in the annual London Gay Pride March, a fact reported with jubilation in the homosexual-related magazine CAPITAL GAY, by Eric Presland, another homosexual/pedophile.[5] They were led by Leo Adamson, a campaigner of GYM (Gay Youth Movement), who spoke on behalf of PIE at GYM's annual conference and in July 1983 represented PIE at the ILGA conference in Vienna. Many of its members including Ian Campbell Dunn and Warren Middleton worked closely with leading homosexual rights campaigners such as Peter Tatchell who publicly espoused their cause and published a contribution to one of Warren Middleton's books on the subject. (See entry on Tatchell).

Prosecutions of Members

In 1978 Peter Bremner was given a three-month prison sentence suspended for 2 years and fined £150 for indecently assaulting 3 boys, two aged 8 and one aged 5.[6]

In 1981 Tom O’Carroll, chair of PIE from 1977 to 1979, was charged with ‘conspiracy to corrupt public morals’ because the contact advertisements section of Magpie ran invitations from adults seeking children for sex, or offers of child pornography. He was convicted and imprisoned. This was the first of his three criminal convictions.

In 1982 Charles Oxley, a Christian campaigner, infiltrated PIE under the name of David Charlton and then sent his findings to the press. [7]

Steps were taken against PIE by the MP Geoffrey Dickens and there was a newspaper campaign against it. The News of the World, The Sun and the Daily Star all ran exposé articles about PIE.

Ian Campbell Dunn and Peter Bremner were convicted and jailed in 1983 for obscene publications and inciting adults to have illegal relations with minors.

David Joy, member 66 was jailed in 1984 for 18 months for publishing obscene material in a PIE newsletter.

In 1984 it officially disbanded.

Belated Prosecutions

Most members of PIE were not prosecuted for many years after the network officially closed. Stephen Smith (alias Stephen Freeman) fled to Holland in 1984 to escape trial on child pornography charges, but was extradited in 1991 and was jailed for 18 months. He admitted publishing an obscene magazine and sending it through the post in 1982. He also faced charges of molesting a 10-year-old boy. Smith was defended by Adrian Fulford, a barrister who later became a QC and then Britain's first openly homosexual judge. There is no proof that Fulford was ever a member of PIE but he regularly acted as its defence lawyer in prosecutions. [8] Smith was convicted again on even more heinous child pornography charges in 2011. There was a huge cache of very disturbing material obtained by abusing actual children.[9]

David Joy was sentenced to 2 years in 1996 after admitting indecent assaults dating back to the 80s. In January 2006 police found 1,129 obscene images of children aged one to 13 at his rundown flat in Loughborough, Leics. Some were in the level 5 category – featuring sado-masochism, torture or bestiality.[10]

Charles Napier, the PIE treasurer, was jailed in 1995 for molesting a boy in the 1980s and got 15 months in prison. It was the second conviction of this lifelong serial abuser.

Righton (a.k.a. Paul Pelham) was a senior figure in UK Social Work. He has been exposed as an arch-criminal, who masterminded networks of systematic sex abuse of vulnerable children all over the UK for 40 years, and kept a diary in which he recorded his own raping and abuse of hundreds of boys. He and Alston founded New Barns School, a school for emotionally disturbed children, which he used to get access to boys. He was convicted for possessing and supplying child pornography in 1992 but never jailed for any of his offences. [See entry on Peter Righton for further information.]

Michael Ingram was a serial abuser of boys who was finally convicted in 2000, but committed suicide before being sentenced.[11]

Peter Bremner was jailed again in 1994 for six months for using Minor Problems to incite adults to seek children for sex.

Warren Middleton was finally jailed in 2011, alongside Steven Adrian Smith, Barry Cutler, John Morrison and Leo Adamson- all for offences relating to child abuse images.[12]

Continued Influence of PIE

Although PIE officially disbanded in 1984 its members have continued campaigning regardless. In 1986 Warren Middleton edited a pro-pedophile book entitled Betrayal of Youth (acronym BOY) with chapters contributed by Peter Tatchell and several official members of PIE. It advocates abolition of all age-of-consent laws and defended incest.[13]

Kenneth Plummer, PIE member number 236, a regular correspondent of Righton, was Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Essex University. He was one of the contributors to the book Perspectives on Paedophilia, ed. Brian Taylor (1981), written and produced almost entirely by homosexuals. In 1990 he contributed a chapter to a book that used polysyllabic sociological terminology to apologize for pederasty, Male Intergenerational Intimacy.[14] Prof. Plummer writes a blog that makes it very clear that his interest in the subject is not merely academic. He has admitted to The Sunday Telegraph that he was once a paid-up member of PIE, but claims this was just to facilitate his research. Plummer has written “By applying sociology to the field of paedophilia we may partially relativise it, humanise it, normalise it.” [15]


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