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TaeKwonDo (Hangul: 태권도; "Way of the Hands and Feet) (or Tae Kwon Do, or Taekwon-Do, or Taekwondo) is a Korean martial art. Rather its emphasis is on either kicks or punches dpends on its style.[1]


There are two styles of TaeKwonDo:

  • Traditional TaeKwonDo:[2] Created in the 1950s by General Choi, when he united the kwans into one Martial Art. Traditional TaeKwonDo is a Martial Art, with a balance between Sport, Self Defence, and Character Development.
  • Olympic Style TaeKwonDo:[3] Created in the 1970s, when Korea wanted TaeKwonDo as an Olympic Sport. Olympic Style TaeKwonDo is a Martial Sport, which is purely Sport, with less Character Development and Self Defence.


After World War 2, Korea was no longer under the rule of Japan, and Koreans started many schools or Kwans of Korean Karate. In 1955, General Choi united the majority of the Kwans, and founded the Martial Art now known as TaeKwonDo. The Martial Art was given the name TaeKwonDo in 1957. The style founded then was the traditional style of TaeKwonDo. In the 1970s, Korea wanted TaeKwonDo to become an Olympic Sport, so Olympic Style TaeKwonDo was founded.

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