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Anatoly Shariy, January 13, 2023: [1][2]

"The SBU, everyone who has the relation to it, everyone who praises them, everyone who speaks positively about them – these are just people without shame, honor and conscience. These are dishonest people. These people do not have even a sliver of compassion for ill people.
What are they doing? It’s absolutely confirmed information – they find mentally ill people in the regions, apply pressure on them and file criminal cases for statistics.
Of course, during the interrogation, they just can step on the fingers of such a mentally ill person and they will write anything.
In addition, in this case, the SBU outdid themselves. They passed a person who sees poorly, who has colossal vision problems, off as a person who had to photograph important strategic facilities and report this to the FSB.
I will, of course, translate this video. I will try to spread it as much as possible, but the trick is that until we – citizens of Ukraine, judicious Ukrainians – pay attention to what the SBU is doing – pay attention to what the SBU is doing – the service that was the first to flee when Russian troops approached, which abandoned top secret archives in many cities, due to which the Russians revealed almost the entire network of intelligence services on the territory Ukraine, and in the border territories.
They just don’t tell you about it and what happened to these agents. This service files criminal cases out of nothing. They have already crossed any possible lines.
I appeal to everyone who supports them – sorry, but you’re a scoundrel."

RobSGive Peace a chance 05:44, January 19, 2023 (EST)

Five days after this video was posted to YouTube, wherein Shariy exposed the SBU frame up of a mentally ill person with poor vision, who was born in Russia, moved to Ukraine at the age of 3, and held a Russian passport, as a Russian spy who was supposedly communicating to Russian intelligence the location of Ukrainian military facilities, the entire leadership of the SBU was wiped out in a helicopter crash.
In the interim period between January 13 and January 18, Alexei Arestovich was forced to resign under pressure from the Ministry of Interior after reporting the factual truth that a Ukrainian missile defense system shot down a Russian missile that then hit an apartment complex in Dnipro, killing 44 people. The missile defense system was illegally stationed in a civilian area. RobSGive Peace a chance 06:42, January 19, 2023 (EST)
Deeper dive: So why would the SBU frame a mentally ill person as a Russian spy? Answer: After the Russians hit a secret facility, an investigation is opened to determined who leaked information on the location (possibly for money). In order to protect corruption within the government and close out the investigation, a retarded person is framed. To hear Shariy explain it, this evidently isn't an isolated case. RobSGive Peace a chance 06:50, January 19, 2023 (EST)