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Operation Prosperity Guardian

I added your thought [here].Telling (talk)

Thanks. I'll try to lay out the context of how many days delay using alternate routes, etc. in the next few days. This page will be a longterm project, lasting months, at least. Although fireworks can erupt at any time. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 18:34, December 20, 2023 (EST)

Check your email

I got your message. Please check your email. Conservative (talk) 14:55, December 22, 2023 (EST)


Let's give the creator of essays greater freedom over their own essays. Thanks.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 20:46, December 22, 2023 (EST)

Andy, we decided a long time ago opinion Essays do not belong in Mainspace categories. That Essay in particular is just redundant racist spam cut n pasted from about 2 dozen other Essays designed to manipulate Google search traffic.

Furthermore, Conservapedia has a rule against self promotion, and in these spam Essays he has a link to all his other Essays with his user name.

If the Mainspace category is to remain, then the rule against self-promotion should be enforced. Thank you. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:51, December 22, 2023 (EST)

What User:Consewrvative is doing is building an algorithm to promote himself, at the expense of all other editors. Thank you. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:53, December 22, 2023 (EST)
We have a Category where it rightfully belongs, Category:United States History Essays, and if it's a contemporary subject, Category:United States Essays should be created. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:58, December 22, 2023 (EST)
In those Categories the editor should be allowed to link to himself. But using Mainspace Categories for self-promotion of his personal opinions should be denied. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:59, December 22, 2023 (EST)
Rob, you make good points but I think there should be more leeway for strong editors to create essays and categorize them as they think best. That includes you too. Essays are a valuable part of this website (in contrast with the tyranny at Wikipedia which prohibits them). The essay author is easily identified from the entry history.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 21:26, December 22, 2023 (EST)
I see your point; there's no problem with that. But cheating like this, bending the rules to create algorithms inside Conservapedia to promote his own Essays is what has led to his success. I could have done the same thing a long time ago, but chose to abide by the rules.
More recently, he has created algorithms inside Conservapedia to suppress other editors work, specifically User:LT and myself. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:31, December 22, 2023 (EST)
Leaving aside his active subversion of other editor's Mainspace contributions, it is this edit here, tying all his Essays together, that creates a very powerful algorithm. That, coupled with Mainspace categorization, makes it even more powerful. Users are prohibited from self-promotion in Mainspace, so he gets around that by tying it into a Mainspace category with hundreds or thousands of pages linked. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:49, December 22, 2023 (EST)
I don't think that affects traffic to anything other than his own essays, so I think more freedom on this is best. We want to avoid here the stifling aspects of Wikipedia. Thanks for understanding. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by User:Aschlafly (talk)
Well it does affect traffic. When I introduce terms to him that he's never heard (like "multipolarity" for instance), and he writes a half dozen screeds attacking multipolarity which he knows nothing about. When I Google the term, his crap comes up and mine is suppressed.
That's all he's done for the past six months, is use search terms he never heard of that I write about, then spam them into a dozen Essays trashing the concepts with neocon sources, promoting his own pages while also having an algorithm that specifically suppresses my content. And it's by cheating - blatant self-promotion - that he gets away with it. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:14, December 22, 2023 (EST)
Basically, I am being censored cause I cannot use any new search terms that he hijacks and writes some of the most despicable screeds attacking the term, person, or idea. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:54, December 23, 2023 (EST)
In sum: All I can say is, this cheating and trolling you want to give license to will ultimately have a negative effect. And we have not even discussed his active duplicity and suppression of other editor's contributions with other algorithms. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:33, December 22, 2023 (EST)

Tying things up

If you want Conservapedia's traffic to go up or at least not go down as fast, I would suggest cleaning up your user page so it's not an attack page on another editor.

But if you don't want to take my advice, so be it. Your just hurting your own readership and the website's readership. Why? Because nobody is interested in your dispute with another editor.

That's the last string I wanted to tie up. Conservative (talk) 01:35, December 23, 2023 (EST)

Okay. I won't spam attacks against other editors across other editor's user pages anymore. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:37, December 23, 2023 (EST)

Biden's MEX trip/trick

I see this as a desperate campaign propaganda after this. Which won't explain him in this field. If he loses, which chances are big, it will be: economy and borders. Shall we have a special 2024 campaign page - GOP VS DEM?Telling (talk)

The United States presidential election, 2024 is the main Portal page; we need 2024 Joe Biden presidential campaign and 2024 Donald Trump presidential campaign subpages. I'd recommend using the 2024 Biden campaign page to start. We can always cut n paste information or susections from one to the other and/or create Redirects. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:24, December 27, 2023 (EST)
I created a link from the main Portal page to 2024 Joe Biden presidential campaign here. Thanks. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:40, December 27, 2023 (EST)
Here's the Category you can use: Category:United States Presidential Election, 2024. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:42, December 27, 2023 (EST)
Thanks, a side note. Trump does better with Latinos b/c of economy. [1]. But more importantly. Happy New Blessed Year!!!Telling (talk)
Yah, you too. I'm always here to help.
Dems forget that Blacks & Hispanics still believe in God & family, and that's where Conservapedia plays a big role.
On Prosperity Guardian, I might do some updates on the military/diplomatic situation - but you have full editorial discretion and control. So if I word something improperly or use a source that doesn't meet your expectations, it's your baby so do what you like. Thanks again. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:17, December 27, 2023 (EST)
I appreciate that. Just a note. The whole idea of peace through strength is that we won't need to use force... or at least not as much. Which Trump was good in a way but the master was Reagan. And this posture importance - Biden & co. Didn't get, before Iran felt emboldened to unleash its Houthis dogs. Telling (talk)
Right, deterrence. And Mutual Assured Destruction. But all that's out the window now. Climate change has replaced nuclear war as the No.1 threat, US neocons think they win a nuclear war under the doctrine of Nuclear primacy, and there's no serious diplomatic efforts or discussions anymore.
So we spend $900 billion on defense, and have to beg Japan to send Patriot missile systems to Ukraine? Where's all the money? What if Japan needs Patriots in a war with China over Taiwan? And how is $200 billion sent to Ukraine "only 5% of our defense budget" as Nikki Haley claims? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:37, December 28, 2023 (EST)
Ukraine aid is losing steam...gradually. But look how powerful pro immigrant lobby is that it, in a way, put a hold to foreign aid... as GOP rightfully demanded border security preference.Telling (talk) 01:20, December 28, 2023 (EST)
The deal was something like $61 billion for Ukraine and $4.5 billion for the US border. That's unrealistic.
They need to demand the resignation Mayorkas and clamp down on the border as part of the deal, and at minimum cut that $61 billion request in half. Even if the border were sealed tomorrow, no way will 10 million illegal new arrivals ever be deported. Probably not half that number. If Trump were to take office in 2025, he'd struggle to deport 1 million over 4 years with much controversy. Nobody is looking at this problem realistically. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:28, December 28, 2023 (EST)
I got 2024 Joe Biden presidential campaign. You wanna take it from here? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:49, December 28, 2023 (EST)
In your opinion, is this ad effective enough?Telling (talk)
That's as much as you can pack into 30 secs. It's ongoing, and growing. Look at these 2 shorts from today:
47 secs - Illinois NAACP president suspended for calling migrants "savages" and rapists, CBS Chicago;
1:29 - CNN reports that BLUE STATE voters are getting concerned about Biden’s Border Crisis.
The times they are a 'changing my friend - fast. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:47, December 28, 2023 (EST)
Indeed. Despite Biden's disastrous broken-borders policy. (This is from liberal) USA Today. "Black, Hispanic and young voters abandon Biden, new poll shows."

Jan 1, 2024[2]Telling (talk) 23:18, January 2, 2024 (EST)

I can't believe the DNC will let him run. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:20, January 2, 2024 (EST)
You yave a valid point. Especially with such a low showing. They need a 'boost.' Hope you have a blessed new year dear friend.Telling (talk) 23:33, January 2, 2024 (EST)
You too, bro. Maybe Congress will take him out with the 25th Amendment or something. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:40, January 2, 2024 (EST)
Not saying Vivek is my hero. But at times he gives it to MSM - right on... Kudos on this one[3]. Another issue, DeSantis was asked about Ukraine (today on CNN TownHall), he replied that the way Biden left Afghanistan emboldened adversaries, that "it sent a signal to Iran and Russia." He complained that Biden doesn't give a red line on Ukraine.Telling (talk) 01:29, January 5, 2024 (EST)
Vivek a young man, and he's going places. I've been trying to think of job for him in Second Trump Administration. He could probably fill lots of spots, from Commerce Secretary to one of those jobs like Office of Science and Technology (a pretty important spot). Or maybe press secretary. 12:48, January 5, 2024 (EST)
What's your take on the audacity step by Hunter's lawyers' for him to appear today on the Hill?Telling (talk) 15:13, January 10, 2024 (EST)
Still gathering information. Looks like stunt so they can say that he did show up. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 17:05, January 10, 2024 (EST)
Though he tried to show he isn't afraid, he rushed out as soon as MTG began talking [Though she isn't particularly my favorite, but I liked the show, snd she was right].Telling (talk) 19:41, January 10, 2024 (EST)

A prediction? If Trump wins, Iran's global proxies will be deterred at least considerably... Reminding Reagan's first day replacing coward Carter. (After Biden cowing to Iran, it's a bit too late to show strength). I refer to projecting strength without having to use lethal force...Telling (talk)

It's a failure of diplomacy. Nobody trusts or believes the United States anymore. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 11:09, January 12, 2024 (EST)
Yup. It's the failed manner how Biden admin. managed the exit of Afghanistan.Telling (talk)
Military action is supposed to be the last resort when diplomacy fails, but the US doesn't even conduct diplomacy anymore. It's shoot first, ask questions later. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 18:29, January 14, 2024 (EST)
There were plenty of finance linked steps Biden could have taken against the Islamic Republic pre Oct 7.

It's very late now.Telling (talk) 18:50, January 14, 2024 (EST)

Well, USAID is still supporting Hamas, as I understand. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 18:55, January 14, 2024 (EST)
I wasn't aware of this. Maybe you meant UNRWA? Already rreported as helping Hamas in 2007. And Recent - - Watchdog finds UNRWA workers praised Hamas massacres in internal Telegram channel

UN Watch probe uncovers messages by UN-employed teachers, urges United Nations to recognize that the relief agency incites to terror. By TOI STAFF, 10 January 2024. In any case Biden aid for Palestinian Authority has been contributing to pay-for-slay.

Any source for this?

Hi. I saw the following line on DeSantis page: "the DeSantis campaign has been employing individuals with ties to the Israeli and Ukrainian governments to..." It's so weird, as the two are not connected. Despite Zelanskyy push. Thanks.Telling (talk) 15:38, January 16, 2024 (EST)

Yah, I was suspicious of that, too. I was just consolidating sections, and didn't realize it was unsourced. It looks like classic subversive trolling. Feel free to toss it out. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 15:43, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Cheers. (It sounded more of a cheap attempted conspiratorial fantasy for a certain goal...) Telling (talk) 16:26, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Good catch! There's a lot of that. I was just skimming to consolidate subsections, not copyediting or verifying sources, etc. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 17:04, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Minor change I just did was to dispel salad of things. I hope it's OK.Telling (talk) 22:48, January 16, 2024 (EST)
It's on right now at MPR/talk. Let's see if Geo wants to defend calling Loomer a "cultist". It still may be possible to disqualify Loomer as source in the DeSantis article. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 22:54, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Challenge accepted. I stand by what I said. She correctly pointed out Haley's eligibility issues, but refused to do the same with Vivek despite him having those exact same issues. And once Vivek dropped out, she called him the future of MAGA, implying that she would back him for 2028 if he ran. Basically, she's admitting that she doesn't care about eligibility issues as long as the candidate is friendly to Trump. That is a textbook example of a Trump cultist.
I also stand by citing Loomer's reporting on DeSantis. Bottom line is, she's great at exposing the skeletons in the closets of Trump's enemies. But when Trump's so-called friends have real skeletons in their own closets, she holds back from exposing those. I'm just being real here.--Geopolitician (talk) 23:16, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Of course I don't believe this at all. But if it is included, I think the bigger problem is the linking the two - feeding into that dangerous J boogieman fobia... Copying such a weird linkage in this respect.Telling (talk) 22:59, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Is that what this is all about? You know, calling out misbehavior by a foreign government which happens to be almost if not entirely exclusively Jewish isn't antisemitic in and of itself. Sure there are actual antisemites who would cite such misbehavior to justify their perverse hatred, but why should that deter me from speaking out?--Geopolitician (talk) 23:23, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Loomer doesn't call out a foreign government in her post. But apparently, we agree she is/could be acceptable in the DeSantis article (In the long run, the quote could be excised from DeSantis and put in the DeSantis 20924 campaign page). RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:27, January 16, 2024 (EST)
IMO, Laura Loomer is somehow on the Trump campaign payroll. If you've noticed, she almost exclusively is reporting on Trump challengers and foes in recent months. I think she's working closely with Roger Stone. In that tweet, it looks like its directed at the neocons. I'm willing to give her some slack for now. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:03, January 16, 2024 (EST)
Another point. What we knew for years. "Hamas propaganda? Wikipedia's shocking anti-Israel bias. Jan.17.2024Telling (talk) 12:42, January 17, 2024 (EST)

Fetterman drastic change

I hope it's fine (Fetterman page), as Fetternan broke from the left and praised by many on the right. Especially regarding the border. Telling (talk) 20:40, January 22, 2024 (EST)

Yah, I've seen that. Unsure what to make of it. Glad you're covering it. Thanks. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:46, January 22, 2024 (EST)
Thanks.Telling (talk) 20:54, January 22, 2024 (EST)

When you have the time

Please delete duplicates: [4], [5] wrong dates. Cheeres.Telling (talk) 09:20, January 28, 2024 (EST)

Check your email

Please check your email. Conservative (talk) 17:56, December 30, 2023 (EST)

I did. My phone doesn't ring, remember? Answer the phone when I call you back. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 18:23, December 30, 2023 (EST)
I sent you another email. Conservative (talk) 18:42, December 30, 2023 (EST)
Check your email. I just sent you another email. Conservative (talk) 19:12, December 30, 2023 (EST)

Re: Your edits on my talk page

First off, don't condescend to me and treat me like I was your "pet" like you did in your most recent edit on my talk page because it's demeaning and insulting and people don't like being treated that way, okay?

Second, as this specific rule states, a user's pages and space (including his/her talk page) is his/her castle and can be done with as the user wishes (including the removal of unwanted messages) - but you only heed that rule when it applies to you and your talk page alone while you go out of your way to ignore that same rule when it comes to everyone else and their talk/user pages as you see fit (just as you likewise ignore the other rules here - some of which you unilaterally created yourself, without input from anyone else here - that you impose on everyone else).

Another thing to note - as much as you want to pretend otherwise, criticism of your behavior on this site is not "trolling", "incivility", "gossip", "vandalism" or "personal attacks" (except according only to you, further proving what others here have said about you self-righteously playing the "victim" when called out on it while you go out of your way to engage in victim-blaming and refusal to take responsibility for your own actions against User:LT by falsely blaming User:Conservative for "extending" the blocks which you yourself unjustly and falsely imposed against LT based on false claims by you of "incivility", "recidivism" and "violating the 90/10 rule" because you didn't like his criticism of your behavior) and acting vindictively and spitefully to unjustly block those who criticize that behavior is both an unjustified and abusive use of that power - but then, I've noticed you only go after those who stand up to you, yet don't have the means to protect or defend themselves against said abuses of power by you, so what does that say about you? Also when you do that, all it does is prove the points of everyone here who has criticized what you have done to drive off other editors or otherwise force them to curtail their activity on this site (and in doing so, severely cutting down on editing/article creation activity on this site in the process).

The sooner you realize what you've been doing to harm this site and its ability to grow (and the sooner you come around and change your ways and your attitude because of it), the better off you'll be here. Northwest (talk) 03:30, January 5, 2024 (EST)

Bla bla bla. This incivility and vendettas are coming to an end. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:19, January 5, 2024 (EST)
I think you really mean your own incivility and vendettas against the critics of your behavior, don't you? Thanks for proving my point once again. Northwest (talk) 12:23, January 5, 2024 (EST)
What point? You left 3,500 bytes of crap on my page that I didn't read. I've been debating with myself about removing it, but I think that's rude. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:27, January 5, 2024 (EST)
You claim that you "didn't read" what I posted, but it's evident from your reaction that you did, and it further proves what I Personal remark removed have been saying about your refusal to take responsibility for your actions and to shift blame to others. Northwest (talk) 12:35, January 5, 2024 (EST)
What reaction? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:41, January 5, 2024 (EST)
The exact reaction you're engaging in right now, Rob - and BTW, thanks for also proving your choice to ignore the "my user/talk page, my castle" rule when it comes to everyone else's talk pages here with your continued reversion of my removal of your snarky and condescending post (which violates the incivility rule, another rule here that you conveniently ignore when it suits you alone, also demonstrating your willingness to ignore any rule here that doesn't suit you - including those laid down by others, including even Andy). Northwest (talk) 12:50, January 5, 2024 (EST)
The incivility and lynch mobs are coming to an end. If you have a problem, there is a place for it. If you have a problem with another editor. There is a place for that. The days of spamming attacks against other editors all over the wiki are ending. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:55, January 5, 2024 (EST)
BTW, was it you who hacked Bhathorn's account? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:56, January 5, 2024 (EST)
You're only continuing to prove my point regarding your behavior here and your projection thereof (including making false and libelous accusations and assumptions while continuing to self-righteously claim to be the "victim") when you get confronted about said behavior here, Rob. One thing that needs to be said here regarding that - does the name Anthony Fremont ring a bell? Northwest (talk) 13:03, January 5, 2024 (EST)
My further point regarding that (as I was going to say before getting unjustly and rudely blocked by you for the 22nd time) - it was the behavior you're engaging in now (the pointing out of which, no matter how much you want to pretend otherwise, is not "redundant" or "spamming") that got you desysopped twice in the past to rein you in, and you're treading a very thin line toward getting desysopped for a third time, because you're repeatedly proven that, like Anthony Fremont, you can't handle the power that you've been given and you use it to spitefully, vindictively and unjustly punish the critics of your out-of-control behavior and abuse of power (up to and including treating Conservapedia as if it were yours and yours alone, demonstrating an unwillingness by you to get along or work with others unless you get to have your way at others' and this site's expense) and to then cover up evidence of said behavior (and much as you think that criticism by others of said behavior is a "personal attack" against you [thus proving your willingness to play the "victim" when it suits you], it is not) - and that is what needs to end.
Comment: You were not "rudely" blocked. I did not remove your "rude" comments from my castle page, as noted above - because I considered THAT to be rude, stifling discussion. Feel free to continue using my castle and talk page for your personal attacks, incivility, gossip, and rude conduct toward me. Thank you. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 13:20, January 6, 2024 (EST)
Simply put, you need to look in a mirror and realize that the only one here responsible for your behavior on this site is you, and only you. Your repeated refusal to take responsibility for your own actions and your choice to victim-blame and project against your critics while playing the "victim" role only degrades your integrity, costs you respect and makes you look bad in the eyes of everyone else here (including visitors to this site), and ultimately, that will exact its toll on you. If that dose of truth triggers you (as it would a liberal) and causes you to irrationally and emotionally lash out as you have (also a liberal trait), that - once again - is on you and you alone.
And while I'm thinking about it, here's something you could do - instead of spending every single waking moment hovering over Conservapedia as you do and treating it as if it were your own personal playground and expecting everyone else here to do your bidding, do like the rest of us editors here do - go offline, go out and get some fresh air and experience the real world; you'll be doing yourself a huge favor. Northwest (talk) 14:07, January 5, 2024 (EST)
I notice you don't answer my question, it obviously was an inside job. Did you do the hack?
It's amazing. You can be inactive for three months, but as soon as there's a vandal attack, you're there Johnny-on-the-spot to prove how valuable you are. You don't contribute much content, but you're always there to help sow division in the community and tear it down. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 14:13, January 5, 2024 (EST)
So, yet again (as you just did with your 23rd unjust block of me), you go out of your way to prove my point and do exactly what I said about you regarding your behavior (including libelous attacks and making assumptions without proof while you further engage in incivility and projection [i.e. accusing me and others of "sowing division in the community and tearing it down" when that is exactly what you yourself are doing], as well - with said snarky and uncivil comments by you right before you blocked me - as resorting to "last wordism") - and incidentally, you yourself weren't there to do anything to stop what happened or remedy it and it took User:PeterKa, User:Conservative, User:DMorris and myself to fix the damage that got done. In my case, I was asleep in bed (as most normal folks would be at that hour) when the vandal attack occurred - given how much time you spend on this site, what was your excuse?
In any event, you're only proving by acting and reacting as you have that you don't have the courage of your convictions or the moral high ground (and that you either lack awareness that what you're doing is wrong, or if you are aware, then you simply don't care and you consciously choose to continue doing wrong to the detriment of this site - just as a liberal would), and the more you continue doing what you're doing (the criticism of which, again, is not "trolling" and is not a "blockable offence", no matter how much you want to pretend the opposite) while refusing to take personal responsibility for what you do and say, the deeper a hole you're only digging yourself into and it won't end well for you. Northwest (talk) 16:23, January 5, 2024 (EST)
Still trolling. Do you have anything positive to say? Why when there is a vandal attack, you're the first one to respond, even after months of inactivity?
Did you do the hack? The pattern is clear - after you get a pat on the back from Andy, you immediately start trolling me with this nonsense that it is okay to spam personal attacks across every active user's page. No, it's not.
And your arguments posted here are redundant - me & everybody have heard them over and over and over years ago. They think they'll be heard for their much speaking. All you do is sow division. You're not interested in building a conservative community. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 16:36, January 5, 2024 (EST)
Here's what I think: You were upset about the one day block you received so you staged another vandal attack so you could come back and play hero. It's an old game. You need a new playbook. We've seen it all before. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 04:16, January 6, 2024 (EST)

Check your email

Please check your email. Conservative (talk) 11:32, January 9, 2024 (EST)

Jihadis Houthis...and its Iranian boss

Houthis: 'We Do Not Support Russia - Even Though Russia Supports Us' [6].Telling (talk) 01:54, January 30, 2024 (EST)

Yah, I saw that. I wonder how they feel about Kadyrov. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 02:00, January 30, 2024 (EST)
Great question. Given the Islamism. Or maybe they see him just as a tool by Putin. They will never talk about the Uighur Muslims plight.. either. As the Israel issue is more of the anti-Jewish war than pro Palestinian. They see the non-Arab non-Muslim (Dhimmi) entity at their midst. (Though some 25% of Israelis are Arabs and the Arabs are overwhelmingly Muslim - but the country's majority and as a whole isn't) The 'other.' You know their slogan is not even "just against Zionists..." - Look how their boss the Islamic Republic fake low tricks goes. You know that this Russian Rabbi B. Lazar (which Iranians photoshopped) is rather, actually Putin's friend.Telling (talk)
You can learn a lot listening to them. I didn't know Donald Trump was the Pope of America until I heard it from a kid over there. For a minute I thought he must've went to an American public school. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 17:04, January 30, 2024 (EST)
Donald Trump was the Pope of America... wow. Iran is a closed dictatorship and they can feed their people whatever they wish. Telling (talk) 17:23, January 30, 2024 (EST)
The thing is, you hate to be disagreeable. It can only result in a fight too often. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 17:32, January 30, 2024 (EST)
Wonder by which verse in their book they were motivated to 'obliterate womens' faces' (Oct 7)Telling (talk) 10:05, February 1, 2024 (EST)


Do you think Tucker was disappointed with his Putin interview?Telling (talk) 12:08, February 9, 2024 (EST)

Yah, it appears so. It didn't go off as expected. Americans don't care about history. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:17, February 9, 2024 (EST)
It was lengthy too. And no summary... Especially now, in the Twitter/Instagram short/points - age.Telling (talk) 12:37, February 9, 2024 (EST)
In Russia, Lavrov, Zakharova, and Putin regularly give 3-5 hour press conferences. Tucker didn't prepare for the difference in cultural idiom. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:37, February 9, 2024 (EST)
Yea. He did try to nudge Putin least twice by asking, why didn't you claim Ukraine 24 years ago... Telling (talk) 12:39, February 9, 2024 (EST)
As Henry Ford said, "History's bunk, cause tomorrow I'm gonna be rich." RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:41, February 9, 2024 (EST)
Speaking of History... this progressive is shocked.[7].Telling (talk)
Now we know where Sony Hostin gets her aristocratic aire from. I thought about uploading this img for the article page. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 13:57, February 9, 2024 (EST)
It's also another case... for reparations...Telling (talk) 17:23, February 9, 2024 (EST)

On Russian TV RT

How Haddad destroys Haaretz's anarchist..[8].Telling (talk) 08:58, February 13, 2024 (EST)

It's frustrating to me - RT covers things nobody else wants to, and I can't put it on the main page cause we'll be criticized. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 11:44, February 13, 2024 (EST)
Well, it's official Russia's outlet. The link is only a short clip of his response.Telling (talk)
Ok, fair enough. Any ideas for a thumbnail headline? Something along the lines of Israeli Arab puts liberal MSM reporter in his place? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 12:02, February 13, 2024 (EST)
"Israeli Christian Arab ex IDF soldier puts liberal anarchist "reporter" in his place" (?)Telling (talk)
Got it. Thanks. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 14:04, February 13, 2024 (EST)

New Nexico...

The Matisyahu show - canceled, by "Palestinian-activists.." there were only 5 or 6 " protesters" not a major security concen..Telling (talk) 15:38, February 15, 2024 (EST)

Sounds more like a security guard boycott than protesters. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 16:14, February 15, 2024 (EST)
Or that was their excuse.Telling (talk)
Well yah; they don't want to be beating up on their friends. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 19:36, February 17, 2024 (EST)
You makes sense.Telling (talk)
Speaking of security, notice how federal security services clearly lack DEI. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 20:12, February 17, 2024 (EST)

Re your essay Global Jihad

2023: 23,000 dead Africans linked to Islamists. "Deaths Linked to Militant Islamist Violence in Africa Continue to Spiral." By the Africa Center for Strategic Studies. January 29, 2024. "Fatalities linked to militant Islamist violence jumped by 20 percent in the past year, claiming more than 23,000 lives—a new record. Over 80 percent of these deaths were in the Sahel and Somalia." [9]

That essay is in sore need of some updating (it hasn't been touched since the Obama years). Go ahead and feel free to update, add, or work on it if you like. It did actually rank in the Google Top 10 during the Obama years, at the height of the Islamic State when the official position of the Obama regime and US State Dept. was to deny that a Global Jihad existed. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:18, February 1, 2024 (EST)
Btw, did you ever see the opening scene to this film, particularly the reference to the Amalekites? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:30, February 1, 2024 (EST)
I just watched it, I didn't remember this opening about ancient Amalekites. BTW, King David was red hair...Telling (talk)
I used this website extensively to corroborate a lot of information years ago, for example here when I was doing the hit pieces on Barack Obama's connection with Bill Ayers and the [[Weather Underground]. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 21:51, February 1, 2024 (EST)

block request

The Legend of Zelda

I think I remember you saying before that you played Legend of Zelda games. I promise I'm not trying to fish for compliments or support, but I've been slowly at work at some original articles, such as Tektite, and am trying to be careful with red links. Main reason I bring this up is I've been working hard on the articles with more content (like Bowser) and I hope that they won't be removed or deleted. Patriotic Gamer (talk) 09:21, February 19, 2024 (EST)

Has Zelda grown so much that it needs 3 categories? Wow. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 11:22, February 19, 2024 (EST)

A small request

While I do appreciate you telling me about The Duran YouTube channel and learned some things through that channel (Although I don't agree with everything they say) and sharing with me some other material, I have asked you a few times to no longer post material about international politics or other politics on my user talk page or in my internal Conservapedia mailbox.

With that being said, I have endeavored to have more peaceable relations between us. Unfortunately, you chose not to reciprocate as much as I had hoped you would, but I would encourage you to do so. Life is too short to engage in unnecessary squabbling.

Also, people go through various ebbs and flows in their life in terms of their interests. So I hope you can understand my right to focus more on vocation/faith/family and less on politics at the present time. I am learning some exciting things - some of which I will be able to use to promote various conservative/religious/philanthropic causes in the future.

But if you are highly interested in the war in Ukraine, I certainly don't begrudge your personal interest in this matter. Conservative (talk) 23:07, February 21, 2024 (EST)

Well since you deem posting on other user's talk pages as "harassment", I will be watching, in my independent capacity as an Admin, your harassing behavior toward other editors closely. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:10, February 21, 2024 (EST)
As to Ukraine and the global situation - you severely disrupted my ability to provide daily updates with your incessant trolling since about the end of June 2023. Given the censorship of sources and language barriers, it was a grueling daily task. But after several weeks of wasting hours and days dealing with your trolling nonsense, and Andy not intervening when I requested, I've had to give up on completing the series. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:15, February 21, 2024 (EST)
And as best I can tell, you remain blind and oblivious to the link between the Russiagate, the Ukraine war, and the 2024 presidential election. It's all one big story (toss in the Biden crime family, too). But thanks to you, our readers now are less informed. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:19, February 21, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith, that is not what I said. I merely asked you not to post news items or your personal political opinions to me on my user talk page or at my CP user inbox. That is not a big ask and I asked you politely.
There are plenty of internet political forums and social media websites where you can post political news items and your political opinions to others besides Conservapedia MPR and CP main page talk. When someone is not a good prospect for what a salesman is selling, they move on to the next prospect which benefits them, their company and society as a whole. You should follow this same common sense principle. If you pester people about things they have told you that they are not interested in, they will shut you down and not be willing to hear anything you have to say in the future. Conservative (talk) 23:21, February 21, 2024 (EST)
(ec) I'm not interested in hearing anymore of your Hillary Clinton inspired Russia Russia Russia hate speech. You tossed in your lot with the Nazis. Good luck with that. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:23, February 21, 2024 (EST)
Putin told Tucker, the war will be over when denazification is complete. Count yourself in that group now. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:31, February 21, 2024 (EST)

RobSmith, you are certainly entitled to your political opinions. But don't pester people. It's counterproductive. I have changed a lot of people's opinions by being politely persistent (For a national company, I was known for having a high batting average when it came to changing people's minds through my polite persistence). I learned from a few wise men and through personal experience the wisdom of not pestering people or badgering people. As Dale Carnegie said, "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." Conservative (talk) 23:35, February 21, 2024 (EST)

Your duplicity and maliciousness fools no one. Andy's aware of your duplicity; he needs to be warned about you turning your maliciousness on him. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:41, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I have great relations with Andy and with other Conservapedians. And recently, I have developed some good relations with people on the internet who much disagree with some of my religious/political opinions. I received some very nice invitations from some of the people I just alluded to.
Over time through experience and via personal study, I have learned to be more diplomatic/friendly and it does pay dividends. Conservative (talk) 23:50, February 21, 2024 (EST)
I have politely asked you since last July to stop trolling me. Instead, you brag about it.
And the fact you deem posting to your talk page as harassment, while you regularly troll and spam other editor's talk pages with attacks on third parties is enough proof to show what a malicious troll you are. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 23:59, February 21, 2024 (EST)
In summary, pestering, yelling, bullying, insulting and gossiping are very ineffective as far as changing people's opinions and hurt one's ability to persuade others. It also creates a bad reputation for the person doing it. And at the end of the day, it breeds a bad mindset in people doing it and hinders their ability to have rich, lasting relationships with others. Conservative (talk) 00:04, February 22, 2024 (EST)
(ec) If you don't like being criticized for spamming and making stupid comments on talk pages, there's a simple solution: don't spam and make stupid comments on talk pages. Adding ignorant content to mainspace is another issue. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:07, February 22, 2024 (EST)
Gossiping? It was very effective for you the first time in getting me de-sysoped, wasn't it? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:09, February 22, 2024 (EST)

By the way, looking back, speaking of learning about diplomacy/cordiality, I could have said in April 2020, "What causes you to believe that April 2020 will be a pivotal month that affects world politics for decades to come?". That might have been a conversation starter. Instead, I said something to the effect of: "I doubt that April 2020 will affect world politics for decades to come." While I do believe that much of the die was cast before April 2020 and still have misgivings about your position on this matter, it's better to be diplomatic with people. At the same time, you were super undiplomatic on main page talk proceeding April 2020 and beforehand. It's too bad you have chosen your current path of incivility. If you had changed, maybe you would have handled your content dispute with LT better and he would still be an editor. Also, a fellow Conservapedian and I recruited a new editor in the past 12 months through our friendly discussions with him. Being friendly to people pays dividends. Consider taking this path in your life. Conservative (talk) 00:25, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Duh, it was April 2022, duh. Not April 2020. Don't bother trying to fix all your spam entries, just delete it and save yourself the embarrassment. Your biographers can justify the error.
How somebody who has zero background in anything, literally, other than a compilation of a facts smugly known in the West as "the range of interpretations" can offer opinions on WW II, or somebody being [a] "military historian" without having at least [an] introductory course in Operational Research and Operational Planning and engineering defies my understanding. Especially, against the background of SMO, which produced a deadly shock for anyone in the West with IQ higher than the room temperature. We are talking about things of a scale of discarding most, not all, humanities studies in the West as degree mills for pseudo-scientific fraud. [10]
[The author is a native Russian speaker; the Russian language does not have articles. I made the grammatical corrections].
RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:32, February 22, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith, a number of people have complained about your imperial manner and your incivility/unreasonableness and some edit Conservapedia less frequently as a result. What are the consequences of this behavior? The consequences are: Less content at Conservapedia, less traffic overall and less traffic to your articles. You are only hurting yourself. In addition, who is going to want to read articles written by someone acting this way? You are killing your potential audience.
This behavior of yours breeds desperation and insecurity on your part. You have descended to pestering someone with your political opinions partly as a result of this behavior - namely me. This is a sad state of affairs and I am hoping you will choose a different path. There's a whole world of prospects for your political opinions RobSmith. There are literally billions of people on this planet. Don't be bogged down in unproductive behavior like rudeness and pestering. Conservative (talk) 00:53, February 22, 2024 (EST)
Really? I never heard anyone say anything positive about yourself for nearly two decades now, other than what a childish man you are. And the spam you add, whole pages with nothing but uplinks, is hardly what any wiki editor would call content. And I can't add content because of your trolling. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:54, February 22, 2024 (EST)
I bet you recall what you were doing on April 9, 2020 [sic]. You were diddling your pud. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 00:57, February 22, 2024 (EST)

RobSmith, I recently received an invitation to visit a Conservapedian's locale for a week where he would host me as a guest. In addition, another Conservapedian invited me to a special occasion that is occurring in his area.

You could be having the same thing happening in your life. The choice is yours. Things will change when you change. But if you don't change, your readership will decline. As for me, I chose to make more and more positive changes and I am already seeing some results. And results build on results so an upward spiral occurs in one's life. Conservative (talk) 01:07, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Wow. Thanks. What's on the menu? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:09, February 22, 2024 (EST)
P.S.: I don't really rub shoulders with anti-Putin nazis. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:13, February 22, 2024 (EST)

For the locale that I am spending a week at I am having flavorful, spicy food produced by his godly mother which will be very much unlike the bland food cafeterias of the former Soviet Union. "Many people in the Soviet Union have grown tired of institutionalized food in state-run cafeterias found at state-run cafeterias such as Stolovaya No. 22 and Stolovaya No. 23 where the menus seldom change and often lack variety. Most food in the Soviet Union is unimaginative, tasteless and bland."[11]

He has also offered to have me meet some lovely maidens!

Recently, via an audiobook I heard about some research that indicates that people who are political junkies tend to have meager social connections.

Here is a third-party summary of the author's commentary on this matter:

"The recognition order, as defined by philosopher Axel Honneth, confers respect and recognition on some people and not others. In our society, we confer significant recognition on those with wealth or prestigious affiliations, leaving millions feeling invisible and unrecognized. Politics, as a seductive form of social therapy for lonely people, offers a sense of belonging and moral action. However, politics does not provide community and connection, as it is fueled by resentment and a desire to validate one's side while shameing the other."[12]

This is no way to lead a life. And this is one of the reasons I am not interested in your political opinions. But like I said, if you want to zealously follow the war in Ukraine and wish to hold various political opinions on it be my guest. But I am not interested in your political opinions whatsoever. People respect civility and strength - not rudeness and desperate pestering. Conservative (talk) 01:43, February 22, 2024 (EST)

I never asked you to hear my political opinions. I asked you, politely, to refrain from your pro-Nazi advocacy - particularly because of your room-temperature understanding of the underlying issues. You doubled down. I warned you of the consequences. You doubled down. Sheer ignorance, and stupidity, on your part. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:51, February 22, 2024 (EST)
And maliciousness. You filled Conservapedia up, and Google results, with a bunch of neo-nazi crap. And you did it by your own admission, spitefully, to disrupt my reporting. And you never had, not then or now, any interest or understanding of geopolitics or international affairs. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:54, February 22, 2024 (EST)
You single handedly have convinced me that there is indeed such a thing as rightwing fascism - a battle I have fought for nearly 50 years to prove otherwise. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 01:57, February 22, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith, just so you know. A conservative friend of mine helped developed some type of financial exchange in Africa. He plans on going to Russia for 3 years and then help attempt to create an alternative to the dollar. I had a very cordial discussion with him even though we have some differing political views concerning Russia, etc. And we are still friends.
And after watching a video about a promising, fast, growing BRIC nation which has a less than ideal credit rating, I was considering helping businesses in this country gain access to capital. I know people in the investment banking/private equity/credit industries.
You've created this fictional villain characterization of me where you are the white knight. It's a total fantasy though as I am not a political junkie and I have cordial relations with people of differing political views of mine. You could be doing so much better than pestering someone on their user talk page or Conservapedia mailbox where he deletes them without reading them - namely me. I have no time for fantasy or for desperation. I would rather be making the world a better place. Conservative (talk) 02:15, February 22, 2024 (EST)
Any words to say about your neo-Nazi buddy Alexei Navalny? RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 02:17, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Get it though your head: I have ZERO interest in political junkieism. It's too bad that you are obsessed with me. Find another foe so you can be a white knight in the fictional world that you seem intent on creating for yourself. Conservative (talk) 02:22, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Your neo-Nazi hate screeds (and Google) says otherwise. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 02:29, February 22, 2024 (EST)
The only reason I took the time to relay the above information is that think I helped fuel your obsession with me via my factual and well-supported jabs on Putinism/Russia that fueled your obsession with me due to your hyper Russophilia. But rivalries are a waste of time. So much more can be done to help humanity through collaboration with others on worthy goals. And when I say worthy goals, I am not talking about political junkeism.
Yesterday, my friend looked at some of the 2024 comments of online atheists about me. He said, "These people are obsessed with you". Learn from their mistakes RobSmith before it's too late! Conservative (talk) 02:37, February 22, 2024 (EST)
It's obvious you behave maliciously towards others online.
I warned you not to take the Nazi line. You did it maliciously, to spite me. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 02:43, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Let's try some simple logic, 2 + 2 = 4.
Russia will not lose the war + Putin says the war will be over when denazification is complete = you have the delete key and can denazify yourself anytime. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 02:46, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Spite you? RobSmith, you are not the center of the universe. Neither is Putin. That is why the war in Ukraine is making Russia's demographic crisis worse. Conservative (talk) 03:02, February 22, 2024 (EST)

And let me say this about my alleged "hyper Russophilia": there is a difference between Russophilia and simple respect. I will step up to defend any innocent soul I see being lied about, unfairly attacked and beaten up on the street by bullies. But you have admitted here, once again, you have no interest or understanding of international politics, and only took up the cause of Nazism out of malice toward me cause you got your feelings hurt cause of stupid comments you made in MPR talk. And you maliciously destroyed my ability to report on international affairs for Conservapedia with your incessant trolling. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 03:03, February 22, 2024 (EST)
In both these incidents - Col MacGregor and Vladimir Putin, you mistakenly imagine both are personal heroes of mine, while at the same time you acknowledge your sole motivation in writing these nazis screeds is out of malicious intent toward me, to disrupt my contributions of content to Conservapedia. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 03:10, February 22, 2024 (EST)
RobSmith you wrote: "I will step up to defend any innocent soul I see being lied about, unfairly attacked and beaten up on the street by bullies."
This is you once again creating a fictional personal narrative where you are the white knight rescuing the "fair maiden" who happens to be Putin and/or Mother Russia in this case. It's fictional social justice warriorism where you are the supposed glorious hero. But I still prefer reality to your fictional all or nothing "thinking" where Putin/Russia can do no wrong and you must heroically rescue them.
Furthermore, I merely said that I chose essays over being harassed at main page talk because obviously I like freedom over tyranny by some juvenile acting person.
Next, I don't feel a need to denigrate another person in order to make myself better within my own inflated ego. But evidently you do as evidenced by your blowhardism where you incessantly claim that you are some sage on international politics and I who know nothing must agree with everything you say. That's nonsense. In addition, being hyper sensitive and loathing to admit error is a great weakness and not a strength. Conservative (talk) 05:33, February 22, 2024 (EST)

After all is said and done, I certainly don't mind practicing cordiality/diplomacy. Hence, my recent greater efforts to be more diplomatic/friendly and genuinely interested in other people which is paying me back via invitations, etc. etc. It's a very nice and rewarding state of affairs.

With that being said, it's very evident to me that you desperately want to have a foe that you can joust with. Hence the posting to my user talk page/CP mailbox, the small edits to your "April 2020" essay that I could care less about and do not read, and the posting to the talk pages of my essays that I could care less about and do not read. If you want a foe that you can joust with, go to an online forum on international politics, Twitter, etc where you can get your adrenaline rushes from conquering "the enemy". Also, narcissists seek endless attention and praise to compensate for their lack of confidence and acceptance, hence your various attempts to gain my attention. Hopefully, you will outgrow this attention seeking behavior and not stay the same or get worse over time. It's so simple to see through your attention seeking behavior and it's so predictable now. But if you crave attention, get a dog or ideally grow up.

But I don't want to have any part of this third-rate behavior. I am not your babysitter. I am not your captive audience for your very important political opinions. I would rather spend my time in worthy endeavors, making friendships and enjoying my faith and family. Conservative (talk) 06:49, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Your argument that you are isolationist or non-interventionist fails on its face. You were warned numerous times not to pursue the pro-Nazi, anti-Putin line, and doubled down everytime. Live with it. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 13:43, February 22, 2024 (EST)
A grown man acting childishly to gain attention. And also clamoring for attention like a clingy girlfriend. And screaming on the phone like a two year having a tempter tantrum. I could go on. But I am done. I am taking User: SamHB's advice and ignoring you. Conservative (talk) 13:48, February 22, 2024 (EST)
Now you're going to troll me from the first post I make today. Okay.
Again, I will be watching closely your harassing posts to other users talk pages, since you yourself define posting to your own talk page as harassment. RobSZelensky didn't kill himself 13:51, February 22, 2024 (EST)

Sodomiite marriage today, sodomite marriage tomorrow, sodomite marriage forever!

—User:Conservative paraphrasing George Wallace.