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Hello, LT, and welcome to Conservapedia!

We're glad you are here to edit. We ask that you read our Editor's Guide before you edit.

At the right are some useful links for you. You can include these links on your user page by putting "{{Useful links}}" on the page. Any questions--ask!

Thanks for reading, LT!

Thank you

Thank you for unblocking me. I assume I had to be blocked temporarily because this website attracts a lot of trolls and vandals. Maybe it wasn't a good idea for me to immediately suggest things upon registering. Sorry about that. Also, I love your username. Patriotic Gamer (talk) 17:44, 24 May 2021 (EDT)

No problem! Minuteman (run by CP user DavidB4) is supposed to catch vandals/trolls, but sometimes makes mistakes. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 17:46, 24 May 2021 (EDT)
Sorry about all of the trouble Minuteman has been giving you! I've changes some settings so it shouldn't bother you anymore. I'll have to investigate what went wrong...--DavidB4 (TALK) 22:32, December 25, 2022 (EST)
Alright, thanks, DavidB4. —LT (Exodus 23:2) Monday, 22:48, December 25, 2022 (EST)

Posting some thoughts here

Slightly unrelated but do you think that Conservapedia is becoming more relevant than ever, especially because the left is becoming so bad that people are starting to take communism seriously. People are looking for websites like this more than ever, and I think it has potential for a broad demographic. I'm a young male in my 20s, and I've grown up on good ol' Mario (which feels somewhat conservative at this point because it's one of the few media franchises that BLM and virtue signaling has not yet affected). In earlier decades, many thought the left was normal, but turns out they had this long march through the institutions, which they would subvert into total degeneracy. They are just the biggest ton of liars & make up lies about everyone conservative, especially populists. I used to be left-wing until 2020, when the mask and vaccine push started. It was very depressing for me -- to see my freedoms being taken away in the name of "safety". It reminded me of when I was a kid, as it feels as if I were one of the last to see a world before critical race theory and other divisive narratives. I pray that those days may return soon. Millions have already woken up to the truth. As Donald Trump said, we will win! Patriotic Gamer (talk) 17:59, 24 May 2021 (EDT)

I dunno if CP is becoming more relevant. Based off my understanding of our Alexa statistics over the past while, we may have lost a significant audience of readers. Our current page view growth for new page creations is rather abysmal compared to before, and vastly improving web traffic will take some good effort. Regarding Mario, you do seem to be right that it hasn't been hijacked by the woke progressives yet. And about COVID-19 restrictions, I can relate because I happen to currently live in a state run by a hypocritical tyrant. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 18:05, 24 May 2021 (EDT)
Big tech has been censoring conservative voices more than ever, so chances are that it's been burying Conservapedia from search results. The left's game is projection -- I remember growing up, others would tell me that conservatives are trying to ban things like video games, movies, music, etc. They would try and get me to think that conservatives aren't nice people (despite majority being Christians, which I am & have grown up to be). Turns out that the left are the ones who are rewriting history and slowly changing the bookshelves to be more "inclusive." They always exaggerate and twist their words against them. For instance, if we try and protect children from degeneracy, they'll leap out and yell that we're censoring. Everything the left has done is pure projection, and I'm infuriated about these lies that I've grown up in. Patriotic Gamer (talk) 18:19, 24 May 2021 (EDT)
I don't think most people take Conservapedia seriously. It is filled with conspiracy theories and pseudoscience. If Conservapedia advocated purely for conservatism without contradicting science, then more people would take it seriously. I personally do not support American conservatives, but I think that if they made themselves look more credible, then more people, even me, would take their views more seriously. ChenXiansheng (talk) 09:49, July 8, 2021 (EDT)
Can you be more specific? —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 11:08, July 8, 2021 (EDT)

Why are blocks not infinite?

I'm curious to know Patriotic Gamer (talk) 22:43, May 28, 2021 (EDT)

That was the decree set by Andy, so I'm merely following along with the established precedent. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Saturday, 23:10, May 28, 2021 (EDT)
That explains why I've been seeing year-long blocks lately. I personally think that it's very generous because in almost every other wiki, there are those who would not hesitate to permanently ban others for even minor offenses. Patriotic Gamer (talk) 23:14, May 28, 2021 (EDT)
Blocking a user account is not the same as blocking a user. RobSFree Kyle! 23:49, May 28, 2021 (EDT)

Need your help

Sorry to bother you, but can you figure out what I screwed up on this Template? Thanks. RobSFree Kyle! 09:42, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
Ok, I see what the problem was and just fixed it; there was a </noinclude> that didn't have a <noinclude> to enclose. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 16:17, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
Garcias, Senor. RobSFree Kyle! 16:59, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
No problem! —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 17:00, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
Here's another problem; why is this Template all in small print? [4] RobSFree Kyle! 17:04, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
Alright, I just fixed that problem too. [5] I assume the issue has to do with the apparent fact that <sup> must be enclosed with </sup> in the same line or formatting errors will result. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 17:21, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
Drano Bueno. Gracias. RobSFree Kyle! 17:25, June 11, 2021 (EDT)
You're welcome! —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Friday, 17:28, June 11, 2021 (EDT)

Hi i have edited Template:Infobox person as per wikipedia but you have deleted details 2 times may i know the reason? --HamzhaSaleem (talk) 12:14, July 1, 2021 (EDT)

Hamzha, Can I suggest creating a new Template with a title like Template:Infobox person3 with your improvements? RobSFree Kyle! 13:58, July 1, 2021 (EDT)
HamzhaSaleem, the edits made by you and Patriotic Gamer made the template too big for an infobox and the formatting was not as professional-looking as the original version. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 16:41, July 1, 2021 (EDT)

Citation tag banner

(this discussion has been moved to Talk:Infinity denial)

Got it started

There, got it started. We need the Senate page cause people like Val Demings and Tim Ryan are running for Senate. RobSFree Kyle! 20:56, August 25, 2021 (EDT)

Alright, awesome! I'll get to creating content related to the 2022 midterms soon; I still got some more pages to create on past Eastern Tennessee Republican figures, and maybe for some U.S. senators in the mid-1900s as well. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 20:58, August 25, 2021 (EDT)
You got 50,000 hits last time, you could get 150,000 hits by election day if you get going on it now. RobSFree Kyle! 20:59, August 25, 2021 (EDT)
I'm not that optimistic about a page view count going past tens of thousands even if I constantly update such a large and important article because of how our page view growth has declined, but maybe you're right. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 21:01, August 25, 2021 (EDT)
I wouldn't worry about that. You built a readership last year who kept returning for updates as the election approached. The weakness was thin content cause you didn't give yourself enough time. You have several advantages now: (1) basic formatting is complete; (2) a loyal following; (3) most importantly you can provide almost daily updates on any particular race which Ballotpedia does not have, nor even Wikipedia. RobSFree Kyle! 00:07, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
I suppose that's a fair point. I always scour for interesting and notable details related to the campaign WP often doesn't seem to include in their articles on elections. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 00:10, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
Here's a shortcut method: Cut n past out the two large articles into user draft space. Then go line by line and remove open seats. Then edit incumbants running for re-eelction; You can retain party and name, but remove the rest, including primary challengers, etc. You get the idea. On the Senate page, you'll need to do more formatting cause some states that weren't in last time will be in this time, etc. RobSFree Kyle! 00:17, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
Eh, maybe. I generally don't like copy/pasting blocks of text and prefer to word sentences distinctly in different articles by writing them from the top of my head. The only times I'm mostly inclined to copy/paste stuff are citations I add in. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 00:19, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
I'm taking about all the ==sublevel== formatting - that's all done.
Ballotpedia probably updates their articles maybe three times a year, and has a staff working on all. Wikipedia, for most of the unknowns, has just local enthusiasts in their district working on them, although they probably have a larger project that supervises and helps with copyediting. RobSFree Kyle! 00:23, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
If the page were ever to get too big and unwieldy because of all the sublevel formatting, then you begin spinoffs --United_States_House_of_Representatives_elections, California 2020 or somesuch title. RobSFree Kyle! 00:28, August 26, 2021 (EDT)
Ah, I see. I'll try to remember to take all that into consideration later on when I get to constant adding and updating content on the 2022 midterms. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Thursday, 00:33, August 26, 2021 (EDT)


I was busy working on getting those templates added in the People's Party of Canada page and hadn't noticed at that point that you had already removed those references for pushing an LPOV. Sorry about the signals getting crossed. Northwest (talk) 21:24, September 20, 2021 (EDT)

You're fine in this instance, no worries. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 21:25, September 20, 2021 (EDT)


[6] Read it. This is what happens when you jump the gun on a developing story. RobSFree Kyle! 14:29, October 5, 2021 (EDT)

I can't read the post; it says I need to log in. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Tuesday, 15:08, October 5, 2021 (EDT)
He trashes Trump and Flynn, says Maddog Mattis was gay. While his criticism of Trump is based upon MSM misreporting, he calls Flynn a liar, which is untrue and crosses a line. RobSFree Kyle! 15:34, October 5, 2021 (EDT)
He's fallen into the trap many victims of public school education have fallen into, thinking that there remains any vestiges of honor, integrity, and patriotism on the left. That someone can rise to be a Lt Col in USMC is disconcerting. RobSFree Kyle! 15:43, October 5, 2021 (EDT)


Sorry if the categories seemed, unnecessary. I just wanted to make that giant category more clean and organized. sorry. ChadUser (talk) 13:43, October 16, 2021 (EDT)

How do i become an admin

im curious because u said its more then just adding a box --Superbanana (talk) 19:33, November 1, 2021 (EDT)

See here; being an admin means you have the "Administrator" tag. —LTMay D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well! Monday, 19:45, November 1, 2021 (EDT)

What does the message in your signature mean?

Hi LT, what does "May D.C., his mother, and I.S. be all well!" mean? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ChenXiansheng (talk)

That was my previous signature for a long while. "D.C." referred to User:Dataclarifier and "I.S." referred to User:IndependentSkeptic; both were devout Catholics who participated in lengthy debates with RobSmith from the spring to fall of last year. From what they've told me, they're advanced in age, and I would hope they're still all alive and well, especially Dataclarifier's mother. Thanks for reminding me of this. —LT (The Old Right was right!) Monday, 11:30, December 20, 2021 (EST)

Go ahead

Place your reverted comment on my talk page. I already complained to Andy about it. RobSGive Peace a chance 15:18, December 9, 2022 (EST)

Vox Day article additions

Vox Day has supporters who are lawyers. And one or more lawsuits related to Vox Day and his supporters/friends have been launched such as THIS ONE. So don't add anything in the Vox Day article that is not proveable. I was very careful to put unproveable claims in the article. Conservative (talk) 22:13, December 13, 2022 (EST)

Okay then, thanks for the heads-up. —LT (Exodus 23:2) Wednesday, 22:16, December 13, 2022 (EST)
HERE is another example of his some of Vox Day's supporters being lawyers and being perfectly happy to sue people as far as defamation against Vox Day. Conservative (talk) 22:20, December 13, 2022 (EST)
One last thing. Vox Day had more visibility in the past due to his anti-atheism book and anti-atheism activities in the past and his past involvement in the alt-right. But his prominence has greatly waned as can be seen in this Google Trends graph: Vox Day - Google Trends. I wouldn't spend too much time on him. I am not going to be writing about a secular leftist wiki subsequently due to their public profile waning. It's better to write evergreen content (content that is timeless) or writing on things that people are currently interested in. Given modern air travel and immigration, America and the world is becoming more multiracial every day and Vox Day's railing against interracial romantic relationships will be seen more and more as antiquated racial bigotry. Conservative (talk) 22:33, December 13, 2022 (EST)

Re your interesting work

Re your interesting work on Anti-Semitism

  • Of earlier classic, anti-Semitism [the idea], was Haman, in the book of Esther (3:6) - and actually a genocidal or here.

  • Paul Shmidt on Antisemitism before Hitler, in Austria vs in Germany.May 13, 1945 (The original article in PDF before his mame was misspelled by automatic digital conversation). I don't know how right he was, but that was his opinion. Per Alfons Heck his tale about (circa 1936) his childhood, it might have been different.

  • As history showed, this ancient bigotry is a default one, and when it appears strongly, it is always "adjusted" to the 'current' situation as justification in finding "reasons."

Regards.Telling (talk)

[EC] Thanks, Telling. Ultimately, the origins of antisemitism, one of the world's oldest forms of bigotry, seem to be motivated by envy/coveting, since Jews were God's first chosen people. And I appreciate the shared biblical knowledge with the linked Esther verse, since I haven't finished studying most of the Old Testament yet. (Now, as for the topic of Jew-hatred in Europe, antisemitism by the 19th and 20th centuries came from different ideologies across the political spectrum. My impression from limited research so far is that while it earlier was perpetrated probably mostly by "right-wingers" associated with monarchy, it later became increasingly manifested from the left as well with the rise of socialist movements like Marxism and Nazism.)
Anyways, I must say, your analysis of the big picture is splendid and evidently grounded in wisdom. —LT (Exodus 23:2) Tuesday, 00:09, December 20, 2022 (EST)
First, thanks for your kind words. In essence, the entire subject is very delicate and too vast for me to cover. There is also the factor of seed of a default bigotry - then the expansion/exacerbation...Telling (talk)

Maintenance chores

You're making a mess in the Double Redirects. It'll be your job to clean it up. Thanks. RobSGive Peace a chance 20:05, December 28, 2022 (EST

LT, I fixed the majority of them for you. Conservative (talk) 09:58, January 3, 2023 (EST)
It seems that you deleted a slew of double redirects, leaving too many redlinks. Now I'll have to either adjust such broken links, or recreate the redirects, which may be more feasible since those pages have been under those old titles for many years and are what many likely have been used to. —LT (Mark 8:36) Tuesday, 12:11, January 3, 2023 (EST)
The ones I deleted were orphan pages that were not being used. I believe I checked for all of them before deleting them. I did not delete the remaining ones because I wasn't sure what was going on as far as those and that you could be deal with them best since you are more familiar with them and what you wanted to achieve with them. Conservative (talk) 13:05, January 3, 2023 (EST)
The easiest way to hand this is, when creating a Redirect, check right away to see if it's a Double Redirect, rather than letting them pile up. Readers may encounter difficulty and confusion trying to access you hard work. Thanks. RobSGive Peace a chance 03:00, January 7, 2023 (EST)

I deleted the article on the obscure British socialist

As per your request, I deleted the article on the obscure British socialist. Conservative (talk) 18:43, January 7, 2023 (EST)

Thanks. IMO, Conservapedia should focus more on providing well-written articles about politics, history, and other educational topics as opposed to 24/7 coverage about a random echo chamber swamp of third-rate trolls. —LT (Mark 8:36) Saturday, 18:51, January 7, 2023 (EST)

Note on "Aspies"

That big wheel we've discussed at RW is a "high functioning Aspie". Evidently, he, or his opponents in the debate, brought their debate here from both Wikipedia and RW. It's only one such example, albeit a rather personal one for the RW hotshot. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:20, January 9, 2023 (EST)

Ah, I see. —LT (Mark 8:36) Tuesday, 22:22, January 9, 2023 (EST)
Note: This controversy or argument on internet discussions predates Wikipedia, and the lines were drawn between groups of users many decades ago (like in Usenet). RobSGive Peace a chance 22:20, January 9, 2023 (EST)
Okay. —LT (Mark 8:36) Tuesday, 22:27, January 9, 2023 (EST)

Re Cat.

Dear LT, Thanks for your work. May I humbly note that, this is how the Cat. Was before VS now most is removed. Thanks. Regards.Telling (talk)

We'll need a robot to fix it. My suggestion: Turn the Redirect around and stick with the old Category title (until such a time as we get somebody who can program and operate a robot, and we get organized enough on Proper Naming Conventions.) Thanks. RobSGive Peace a chance 01:31, January 11, 2023 (EST)
Thanks.Telling (talk)
Hmm, it seems that RobSmith has now moved the category back to the spelling "Anti-Semitism." No matter how many facts I can show him demonstrating that the equating of Jews with "Semites" is an archaic fallacy, he stubbornly insists on including the dash and capital "s" simply because Wikipedia uses the proper spelling, and therefore Conservapedia should do otherwise. On this particular matter, I'll get back to it sometime later. —LT (Mark 8:36) Wednesday, 14:23, January 11, 2023 (EST)
Dear LT and Rob, I respect you both. Without getting into the correct spelling, how do we get the category to include all that had been contained in the Category - in case of revert?Telling (talk)
Well, due to the large number of articles contained in the category, changing them manually would be tediously time-consuming, so potentially using a bot to execute the task instead would be magnitudes more efficient. Unfortunately, I don't know how to operate a bot. —LT (Mark 8:36) Wednesday, 15:07, January 11, 2023 (EST)
Meantime I did this test..Telling (talk) 15:46, January 11, 2023 (EST)
For category links, it's my understanding that for any phrase you place after a vertical bar in the form of [[Category:Example|et cetera]], then that page will be ordered in the category page under a section with the title "et cetera." —LT (Mark 8:36) Wednesday, 15:52, January 11, 2023 (EST)
Which is why I put both separately at that example, just in case.Telling (talk)
Ah, alright, I see. —LT (Mark 8:36) Wednesday, 17:18, January 11, 2023 (EST)
LT, Prof. Jensen created the category. [7] Why don't you contact him for his thinking on the matter and see if anything has happened in the past 10 years to change his thinking on the matter. RobSGive Peace a chance 05:24, January 15, 2023 (EST)
Sure. —LT (Mark 8:36) Sunday, 10:53, January 15, 2023 (EST)

I haven't studied this matter in any significant detail. A quick internet search turned up a few tidbits, such as "Some scholars and activists advocate the term anti-Semitism be de-hyphenated, spelling it instead as antisemitism. Advocates for the hyphen’s removal argue that the change may help dispel pseudoscientific notions of a 'Semitic race' and belief in the existence of a derivative 'Semitism.'" (from Britannica) What is the root of this debate, then? --DavidB4 (TALK) 01:01, January 15, 2023 (EST)

Desecularization article

I know you produce a lot of good content and that is why I recommended that you be made an admin.

The main reason I removed your addition to the desecularization article is because it was incorrectly formatted. I fixed the formatting and put in a sentence that you added. Conservative (talk) 02:16, January 15, 2023 (EST)

I looked at the video and it was just some YouTuber speculatimng about a verse in Daniel about an explosion of knowledge and travel. I agree Daniel wrote about an explosion of knowledge and travel. But the verse doesn't say anything about an explosion of religion. This isn't sound Bible exegesis. It is the work of some YouTube layman without theological training. It's not suitable for an encylopedia article. I am removing it.
But I do know you are very capable of producing excellent content like I noted above. Conservative (talk) 05:22, January 15, 2023 (EST)
I mentioned a resource to you about Bible exegesis. While it is on New Testament Bible exegesis, its methodology can be used as far as Old Testament Bible exegesis. Here is the resource: Basic Rules for New Testament Exegesis. One principle is "Confirm the limits of the passage". If the passage in Daniel is about an explosion of knowledge and travel, you can't assume that means there will be an explosion of religion. For example, the people in the UK are more knowledgeable about a great many things than their ancestors, yet they are more irreligious than their ancestors. Conservative (talk) 05:32, January 15, 2023 (EST)
I appreciate your recommendation for my adminship.
Now, in particular response to your removal of my addition, I find it ironic that you not only cite a white supremacist Nazsymp, but that call my removal of those references as committing the "genetic fallacy," and then go about branding my citation of a Christian saint as "not suitable." Furthermore, what do you mean by "theological training," and how do you know that Bible Flock Box is not qualified enough? Greg Sereda, who runs the channel, demonstrates a concise understanding of Scripture, so if that's not "theological training," you're evidently implying that extrabiblical man-made doctrines are needed. —LT (Mark 8:36) Sunday, 10:52, January 15, 2023 (EST)

When I cited that person, he was a conservative and not alt-right. People change for the better or worse and in this case this person changed for the worse. Anyways, I do have a plan to fix that issue, but right now I am in the midst of two projects.

Anyways, there is a wrong way to do Bible exegesis using the historical-grammatical method in order to get the writer's intent and there is a wrong way. Unfortunately, that YouTuber was more concerned with his own intentions than the writer's intentions. Conservative (talk) 11:04, January 15, 2023 (EST)

The Bible is to be understood in a proper manner, not requiring the extensive doctrines of uninspired men. Sereda is applying Daniel 12:4 in a straightforward manner, since the increase of faith towards the end of the world in preparation for the return of Christ makes plenty more sense than the notion that it pertains to increased travel. As for your citation of the particular alt-right lunatic, it may be true that your initial references of him were at a time when he was simply a conservative. However, now that you clearly know he's an alt-right bigot, you shouldn't be citing him, yet still are. —LT (Mark 8:36) Sunday, 11:10, January 15, 2023 (EST)
I cited him in a number of places. I will find a replacement and I already have a few ideas on how to do that. Unfortunately, I cannot turn on a dime in this matter.
As for the other matter, I put a ton of effort into that article and I am just making the reasonable request not to have some YouTuber's speculation which is not based on sound Bible exegesis. With speculation, you can make any Bible verse unmoored from the author's original intent. Conservative (talk) 11:21, January 15, 2023 (EST)
[EC] Well, assuming you'll keep true to your past numerous statements about how you'll soon be less active on Conservapedia for a long while, one wonders just how lengthy of an amount of time it shall take for you to fully remove all citations to that particular alt-right bigot. When I removed it from one of your more recent page creations, you brazenly put it back in and locked the article.
On Scripture topics, anything not adhering to whatever the "exegesis" says is not encyclopedic? Well, I wonder what the saints in Heaven will think about that. Furthermore, I suppose by that logic, if the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts don't convey the message the exegesis says, it's the fault of the manuscript writers. —LT (Mark 8:36) Sunday, 11:24, January 15, 2023 (EST)
I did allow myself to get sidetracked, but there are some things I am doing that will keep my focus/prioritization on matters that I wish to attend to in order to keep my various commitments. Conservative (talk) 12:03, January 15, 2023 (EST)

Recent blocks

Do you think all three of these deserve the maximum without warning? One perhaps, but the other two are questionable. RobSGive Peace a chance 19:11, January 23, 2023 (EST)

So then, did you review the activities of those users before coming the conclusion that the blocks are "questionable"? —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 19:13, January 23, 2023 (EST)
On today's activity, in a cursory manner. I've been reviewing their activity over the past year for the past week. Do you really believe handing out the maximum without warning will stop or encourage sock activity? You're back to playing the same silly game an Admin whose name started with a K did, that had destructive effects for the project. Especially if it's motivated by personal animus for treatment recieved on another website. RobSGive Peace a chance 19:19, January 23, 2023 (EST)
What evidence do you have those two users deserve 6 month blocks without warning? RobSGive Peace a chance 19:43, January 23, 2023 (EST)
For example, you blocked the editor with the maximum without warning, but left in his most egregious conduct, i.e. a link to a porno site [8] (Note how it's formatted, www.xvi<!-- Nope --> to mask the site). This makes it look like you didn't do a thorough review of the activity, which of course is not always possible. But in the end, you treated two users with scant evidence of misconduct the same as a user who inserted a link to a porno site, while leaving the link intact. Is that fair? RobSGive Peace a chance 20:21, January 23, 2023 (EST)
"Silly game"? That's rich, coming from the admin who undid my block of a troll who inserted white supremacist "great replacement" propaganda and undid my efforts to remove it! And if you think that my supposed motivations "by personal animus" are unwarranted, just take a look at what Jesus said. It's hinted at in my signature! :)
What evidence do I have? It's self-explanatory, and not my fault if you refuse to look into it yourself. You're an administrator, after all.
Yes, I noticed the clever evasion tactics used. And why did I treat them all the same? That's something you can figure out yourself, since you ought to be intelligent enough. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 20:58, January 23, 2023 (EST)
You're a big boy now, running with the big boys. Don't take suggestions on how to be an effective Admin as personal slights or criticism. Are you going to (a) justify those two blocks with evidence, (b) undo or lower the duration with some evidence, or (c) make me do it after 6 hours? RobSGive Peace a chance 21:16, January 23, 2023 (EST)
You, me, and Cons have all been victims of unfair blocks at another wiki. So we know how it feels. That is not in and of itself cause for blocking here at CP. RobSGive Peace a chance 21:55, January 23, 2023 (EST)
If you're going to symp for RW trolling and parole the blatant culprits, I can't properly stop you. As for evidence, here's a few examples:
  • SingleChristian1:
    • the Mulford Act page creation is a narrative distortion to glamorize a gun control bill as "anticommunist"
    • the Abby Zwerner page creation is an utter lying politicization
The Mitford Act can be edited. Abby Zimmer should be tagged with Category:Uncategorized for further maintenance and review. Neither is cause for a warning or maximum block without discussion first. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:13, January 23, 2023 (EST)
There is some justification here for rebuke, some of it is minor. In all three instances cited, there was no effort at engagement or warning. Perhaps a shortened block is warranted. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:13, January 23, 2023 (EST)
The case of DanAP is interesting; he evidently had Blocking rights at one time, which apparently were rescinded. [9] I'll go along with the 6 month block for now. However, a case like this should be brought to my or Andy's attention. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:31, January 23, 2023 (EST)
I see. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 22:36, January 23, 2023 (EST)
As for your above criticism of me not removing/reverting it all yet, I'll be eager to do it manually once I get rollback and delete powers (preferably mass-delete as well), because otherwise it's too tediously time-consuming. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 22:02, January 23, 2023 (EST)
So you saw the porno link and left it intact? RobSGive Peace a chance 22:13, January 23, 2023 (EST)
Find someone else to peddle your concern trolling to. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 22:34, January 23, 2023 (EST)
There was one other matter I wanted to discuss with you privately. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:37, January 23, 2023 (EST)
Meantime, reread Conservapedia:Guidelines#Civility: "Avoid bringing up irrelevant past disputes with editors and stick to the content dispute at hand." You are to be an example to other editors in how to engage in discussion on talk pages to resolve problems. RobSGive Peace a chance 22:42, January 23, 2023 (EST)

I left a message on Aschlafly's talk page about the parodist SingleChristian1

I left a message on Aschlafly's talk page about the parodist SingleChristian1. Conservative (talk) 20:54, February 11, 2023 (EST)

Yep, I just noticed. Thanks, Conservative. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Sunday, 21:01, February 11, 2023 (EST)

Reread Guidelines, please


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Thanks. RobSGive Peace a chance 19:31, February 16, 2023 (EST)

Good improvement

Good improvement to the template! Thanks.--Andy Schlafly (talk) 15:09, April 9, 2023 (EDT)

No problem at all! And happy Resurrection Sunday! —LT (Matthew 26:52) Sunday, 15:10, April 9, 2023 (EDT)


How come signature says Sunday April 22 when April 22 is actually Saturday? Thanks. RobSGive Peace a chance 00:57, April 23, 2023 (EDT)

That is due to time zones which the wiki database relies on. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Sunday, 10:20, April 23, 2023 (EDT)

Steve Turley

Steve Turley may have given your article a boost. "the religion of Faucism". You should include the reference, cited by name, in the article and with a link. RobSGive Peace a chance 13:16, April 25, 2023 (EDT)

Thanks for pointing it out, though I can't say I'm nearly as interested in exposing fascism- er, I mean, Faucism, as I did one and a half years ago. Also, I wasn't the first to use the neologism, so Turley may not have found out about the term from us. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 14:15, April 25, 2023 (EDT)
I'd wager he read the article. Many conservative commentators pursue CP looking for unique content. The least you can do is return the favor with reverse internal and external links. This is how you build readership and following. RobSGive Peace a chance 15:06, April 25, 2023 (EDT)
To reiterate, I no longer hold interest in this subject, so you may feel free to improve that article. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 15:48, April 25, 2023 (EDT)

You may be interested....

Decomposing the Rise of the Populist Radical Right: How Changes in Priorities Explain the Electoral Politics of Our Time. RobSGive Peace a chance 14:47, May 1, 2023 (EDT)

Just skimmed through it; I find it interesting that "right-wing" populism apparently appeals to non-union workers, when the phenomenon in the U.S. made inroads to blue-collar unions under Trump. It's probably the standard Marxist propaganda branding their "fascist" opponents as "anti-union." —LT (Matthew 26:52) Monday, 16:03, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
I find it funny. This is a big scholarly research report, whereas all you need to do is substitute "low IQ voter" for "populism", whether left or right over the past several decades to get the same results. RobSGive Peace a chance 16:52, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
Labels are ridiculous. For example "left" is supposedly for "change" or "revolution", whereas by its own definitions it would be "reactionary" to "capitalism". RobSGive Peace a chance 16:59, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
They're fun to use though—for example, the leftists advocating a return to Roe v. Wade are now reactionaries! —LT (Matthew 26:52) Monday, 17:05, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
Bingo! Amen! You got it! RobSGive Peace a chance 17:13, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
And what more could be considered "revolutionary transformational change" than upping the birthrate by outlawing abortion? RobSGive Peace a chance 17:15, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
So then it becomes a discussion of "freedom" and "women's rights", whereas it's really just about "selfishness" and "greed" when "more advanced", "economically developed" countries and "rising incomes" leads to lower birthrates. RobSGive Peace a chance 17:20, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
[EC] This is why labels—clarifying political designations—are important, because utilizing them properly enables defeating leftists with their own tools. They construct certain pejoratives such as "reactionary" with such astounding vagueness, leaving a loophole that allows the terminology to be thrown right back at them. And that's how you defeat the left: using their own weapons against them. So if they accuse of you propagating "white nationalist Great Replacement propaganda," tell them that the people who invented the hoax were leftists. If they say that opposing abortion disproportionately impacts minorities, just respond, "oh, so you want more black babies to be killed? How racist of you!" If they call you a Nazi, say, "oh, so you're saying I'm a socialist like yourself?" Compare them to the very collectives they attempt to associate you with. The right followed this tactic during the Tea Party era by comparing gun control, abortion, homosexuality, etc. to Nazis, and the left was given some headaches. Unfortunately, this was abandoned once politics shifted to the radical populism of Trumpism, and the right abandoned conservatism for socialism, giving heed to collectivist propaganda and gradually associating with left-wing (old school) white nationalist canards.
Also, labels are highly beneficial as long as you adequately comprehend their connotation, historical context, common usages, etc., because if you use a dozen jargon terms in a single sentence, it demonstrates well-versed knowledge. For example, if I were running for office as an old-school Republican to dethrone an incumbent "right-wing" populist, I'd call myself a "Stalwart" and castigate them as socialistic big-government nanny-state progressives. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Monday, 17:25, May 1, 2023 (EDT)
The "left" is behind Ukrainian fascism. That's abundantly clear.
China is a good example. When it imposed the one child policy in recent memory, the theory was overpopulation leads to poverty. Now "economic development" threatens extinction of the nation with a "sub-replacement level" birth rate. RobSGive Peace a chance 17:38, May 1, 2023 (EDT)

I sent you a short message

I sent you a short message. Conservative (talk) 21:36, May 19, 2023 (EDT

Some items you may be interested in

I noticed that you had recently begun a section on labor unions and racism. Something interesting I found a while ago that could be added to that section is the following which shows how minimum wage laws were once favored a long time ago by racists back in the day. I didn't know whether you planned to add this to the section or not. I apologize for the long string of sources, but just thought you might be interested in it. [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 00:03, May 23, 2023 (EDT)

Wow, sounds like plenty to write about, and on a subject I didn't know before. Thanks! —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 00:05, May 23, 2023 (EDT)

More than happy. I stumbled across this a long time ago and thought you may be interested. Just like gun control, minimum wage laws were favored by racists a long time ago. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 00:11, May 23, 2023 (EDT)

Yep, I'm most certainly intrigued to not only check out those links soon, but also research even more into the topic of minimum wage laws and racism now that you've brought it up. Contemporary leftists want to talk about the history of systemic racism, so let's address it indeed! —LT (Matthew 26:52) Tuesday, 00:15, May 23, 2023 (EDT)

Some stuff may be redundant, but when researching a topic I generally like get as much ammunition as possible. These articles talk a lot about the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, which occurred when a contractor employed African-American workers from Alabama to build a hospital in the district of Congressman Robert Bacon. Appalled that blacks from the South were working on a federal project in his district, Representative Robert Bacon of Long Island submitted H.R. 17069. As most blacks were not in unions at the time (as they were excluded) and were considered cheap labor, this act was designed to discourage the hiring of colored employees. Representative John Cochran from Missouri himself stated, “I have received numerous complaints in recent months about southern contractors employing low-paid colored mechanics getting work and bringing the employees from the South.” revealing the motivations of the act. -Mr. Nationalist (talk) 01:06, May 23, 2023 (EDT)

'If you don't believe in hell, then you don't believe in an afterlife'

The latest from Sam Gerrans: Modern Secular Society Admits It Is Going To Hell. I'd go a step further and call it 'carnality'. he also has some interesting comments on 'democracy'. RobSGive Peace a chance 17:00, May 28, 2023 (EDT)

Perhaps I'll watch the full thing later. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Sunday, 17:21, May 28, 2023 (EDT)

Max Blumenthal

Maybe you'll have a different view of Max Blumenthal after seeing this brief clip. This whole Ukraine project of NATO and the West is rapidly turning into the farce it was destined to be since whatever idiot thought it up. RobSGive Peace a chance 04:18, June 3, 2023 (EDT)


All this is just the past 4 days.

Suggestion: If you are going to involve yourself in contemporary news and reporting, I suggest you involve yourself in some substance. RobSGive Peace a chance 14:18, June 3, 2023 (EDT)
Side note: the DC conference where Blumenthal confronted Lockheed Martin and Maddow is the group that trained Pete Buttigieg as a Democrat "foreign policy and national security" expert. RobSGive Peace a chance 14:22, June 3, 2023 (EDT)
"What is TruCon" "Well, first of all, it's a true con." Okay, that part got me, I'll concede. I see the point you're implying, that Blumenthal is fighting against the establishment left's lies. Let's look at the larger picture though: what is the thesis, antithesis, and planned synthesis here?
The thesis is the pro-Ukraine establishment, serving the current order of globalist elite. The antithesis is a coalition of Putinists, socialists, anarchists, Communists, antiwar libertarians, "right-wing populists," the alt-right, etc. rallying behind Russia under the banner of isolationist nationalism (i.e. rhetoric like "why are we funding Ukraine when Americans are starving," used to promote domestic welfare programs) and anti-Ukrofascism. See how Satan is manipulating the world like the puppets it's comprised of? Satan currently props up the thesis, Ukraine shills, and letting their flagrant evil increasingly go on full display. When the world grows appalled at the globalist order, they will rally behind the antiwar Putinist coalition, in America solid among "right-wing populists." Satan then uses the "right-wing populists"/"Christian Nationalists," who are back in power, to install the Sunday Law, which will arrive under the banner of "restoring Christian morality." An unholy syncretism of left and right will emerge as Jesuits, infiltrating a wide spectrum of institutions, draw support for "Sunday rest" from numerous perspectives, from conservatives extolling "Christian values" to neo-Marxist leftists exhorting the need to reduce consumption and "climate change" via Sunday rest as Satan escalates natural disasters. And because mainstream Christianity promotes immediate judgment, there will be increased susceptibility to spiritist occultism as most people refuse to accept soul sleep, paving the way for demonic false signs as the Bible says. (Rev. 16:13–14) Just as Satan divides, he will ultimately unite; the world will rally behind a new order, resulting in a final system neither fully capitalist nor Communist, entirely left nor right, establishment globalist nor "right-wing populist." It'll be a new fully syncretized order—a New World Order—the final culmination of man at his naked despotism.
Satan doesn't always deceive people the most by telling an entire lie; he takes the truth out of context to the point of flagrant deception and adds a false spin to it. In the Garden of Eden, Satan told Eve that her eyes would be opened if she ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and Gen. 3:7 says of Adam and Eve that "the eyes of them both were opened" after they ate it. That's now sneaky the devil is—he mixes truth with lies and pushes a false, alluring narrative. And that's how the beast system will come—it will be done in the name of a worthy cause, denouncing the blatant evils of one side and promising glory. Unfortunately, most of the Protestant world doesn't understand this, picturing the Antichrist as a future individual entering an Israeli temple and openly declaring war on God's people direct and outright. Oh, that reminds me, did you know that Futurism was invented by Jesuit Francisco Ribera as part of the Counter-Reformation to water down the influence of Historicism among Protestants? That tells you all you need to know—Romanist Papists didn't like being identified as the Antichrist, so they commissioned propagandists to confuse (ah yes, and Babylon means confusion) the world with false doctrines—Luis del Alcázar purported that the Antichrist came in the past, and Ribera claimed that it would appear in the future when it's been in existence since 538 A.D., receiving its deadly wound in 1798 and slowly gaining its power back especially when Fascist Italy and it signed the Lateran Treaty.
You see how the beast system will form? It won't be establishment Ukronazsymp globalists, nor Russia, nor China, nor Iran, nor a random Jewish guy entering a third temple in Israel. It'll be installed by "Christian Nationalists" among the "right-wing populist" ranks who ride the wave to power on the currently fomenting syncretic antiwar coalition. Wake up!!!LT (Matthew 26:52) Sunday, 11:40, June 4, 2023 (EDT)
I don't know about all that. My point was, in an age of few and fewer credible journalists, Max Blumenthal is one of the very few credible, professional journalists who is actually reporting on the vital issues that matter of our day rather than churning out propaganda BS as most all of his professional journalist colleagues are. RobSGive Peace a chance 00:36, June 5, 2023 (EDT)
My emphasis is on the larger picture in terms of what the NATO–Ukraine War is serving the purpose of and why. —LT (Matthew 26:52) Monday, 10:49, June 5, 2023 (EDT)