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Earthsat.jpeg This user believes in an old Earth

  — 6,000 years old.

This user has been blocked 21 times on Wikipedia between 7 sockpuppet accounts for adding "original research" and using "unreliable sources".
IQ This user's IQ is 147
2019-05-30 17-27-08.jpgRashida Tlaib.jpg
This user does not support the Squad.
Ayanna Pressley.jpgLhan Omar.jpg
Stop hand.svg
This user is not a fan of 503 Service Unavailable errors.
E/C This user is skeptical of Evolution.
Democratic voter suppression.jpg
This user knows that the Democrat Party is, and has always been, the party of slavery, the KKK, corruption, criminality, lies, deceit, oppression, segregation, Jim Crow, racism, anti-Americanism, violence and hate.
Liberal fascist.jpg
This user knows that modern liberalism has its roots in Fascism
This user knows that the Republican Party and the Democratic Party never switched.
Cjjfdjfty.png This user supports the Republican party.

I am a proud conservative Christian who studies science to satisfy my desire to learn how God works. I was blocked from Wikipedia after editing in "original research" and using "unreliable sources" into many pages corrupted by their atheist bias. These pages include evolution, age of the Earth, and climate change.

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