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John Joseph Mearsheimer, is an American political scientist and international relations scholar, a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He earned his PhD at Cornell University. As of 2023 he teaches at the University of Chicago. Mearsheimer belongs to the realist school of international relations.

Due to Europe's aging population which is projected to shrink and its various current and projected problems, Mearsheimer stated: “Europe doesn't matter anymore. You know, Europe is basically a giant museum.”[1] See also: Decline of Europe

Mearsheimer said of the disastrous 2023 Ukraine summer offensive, "it should have been obvious to Ukraine’s Western cheerleaders beforehand that the blitzkrieg they embraced was doomed to fail and that it made little sense to push Ukraine to launch it."[2]

Global fascist and former NYT propagandist Anne Applebaum accused Prof. Mearsheimer of writing scripts for the Kremlin.

Mearsheimer is in the Myrotvorets (English: Peacemaker) database, usually known as the Ukrainian Nazi kill list, which is an online database of what its owner, Anton Gerashchenko, declares as “enemies of Ukraine,” containing personal doxxing information and addresses.[3] The kill list is maintained by Gerashchenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament (Rada) and deputy minister of the Interior. Its servers are located in Brussels, Belgium and operated by NATO and the CIA. For enforcement of the kill list, the Ukrainian Teroborona, SBU, and Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion are organizations within the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, and not in the Ministry of Defense.

Russia and Putin

Prof. Mearsheimer describes Russia's relations with the West and Vladimir Putin's ambitions as such:

The conventional wisdom in the West regarding the Ukraine war makes it sound like Russia is behaving in Europe the way China is acting in Asia. Putin is said to have imperial ambitions that begin with creating a greater Russia along the lines of the old Soviet Union and then re-conquering the former buffer countries of the Warsaw Pact, ultimately threatening the security of all Europe. Ukraine, which he purportedly aims to conquer and integrate into Russia, is his first but not his last target. In this view, what NATO is doing in Ukraine is containing Russian power, much the way it prevented the Soviet Union from dominating all of Europe during the cold war.

This story, no matter how often it is repeated, is a myth. There is no evidence that Putin wants to incorporate all of Ukraine into Russia or seeks to conquer any other country in eastern Europe. Furthermore, Russia does not have the military capability to achieve that ambitious goal, much less become a European hegemon.[4]


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