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More bungling by the Deep State as it interferes with the 2024 presidential election: its frivolous prosecution of Trump before the fair judge in Florida interferes with its case in the biased D.C. venue. [1]

Ronna out. [2][3]

Breaking: Koch network yanks funding from Nikki Haley after her disastrous South Carolina collapse. [4]

Poilievre promises no WEF cronies in a Conservative Party of Canada government. [5]

Farm tractors vs Euro police in Brussels. [6]

Zelensky legalizes drugs. [7]

Zelensky threatens NATO ally Poland. [8] RT: Polish farm protests against Ukraine imports. [9] Polish farmers block Ukraine border crossing. [10] Will there be martial law in Poland? [11]

NYT: CIA has 12 secret bases in Ukraine for the past 10 years, Ukraine gestapo chief Kyrylo Budanov is a CIA asset. [12] Budanov: Navalny died of a blood clot. [13]

The Federalist: Our most serious national security threat isn’t Russian nukes in space, it’s intelligence agencies in Washington. [14] CIA Is transforming. But in the wrong way again. [15]

Dr Robert Malone: Psychological and cognitive warfare on citizens. [16] Resisting the globalist conditioning of America. [17]

Border crisis highlights US Federal rot. [18]

Zerohedge: Navalny's death and curious well-timed coincidences. [19]

Lee Fang: Why Wikileaks matters. [20]

Neocon rag Task and Purpose: Active-duty airman set himself on fire in front of Israeli embassy. [21]

US strikes on Iraq, Syria, Yemen are a bust. [22]

Prime Minister Robert Fico of Slovakia comments on NATO war in Ukraine. [23]

'60% plan'of tariffs against China: Why Xi Jinping and China are scared of Donald Trump.[24]

End Worst College Majors by ending college tenure. [25]

Michael Shellenberg: FBI lied about pipe bomb at RNC headquarters during J6 disturbance. [26]

CBS seizes records of reporter who probed Laptop from Hell. [27] Sure, the records were returned, after they were copied and given to the FBI and whistleblowers compromised.

First Abrams tank destroyed in Ukraine; [28][29][30] NATO warned again about sending F-16s. [31]

Breaking: Trump defeats neocon Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina where she once served as governor. [32] Polls show 6 in 10 voters oppose Nato neocon Nazi aid.

Covid and corruption of science - discussion with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. [33]

Dem regime in Pennsylvania raids an Amish farm, for distributing raw milk ... as done for millenia until over-regulation began. [34]

Biden funding Palestinian terrorists according to bombshell report. [35]

Prof. John J. Mearsheimer on PBS: 'Ukraine has already lost the war.' [36] WaPo confirms Russian Ministry of Defense reporting on Ukrainian casualty figures. [37] Nuland admits it's all about money laundering. [38][39]

Gilbert Doctorow: The truth about Navalny. [40] Judge Napolitano: Was Navalny an MI6 agent? [41][42]

Jimmy Kimmel may be quitting! [43] Trump reacts. [44]

Collapse in advertising on the Oscars being hosted by unfunny liberal bully Jimmy Kimmel, who threatened to sue a star NFL QB that responded to Kimmel's taunts by cracking a joke at his expense. [45]

Stephen Bryen: Fire LGBT activist Jens Stoltenberg now before it's too late! [46] NATO is risking a wider war. Olympus has fallen. [47]

Populist sentiment in Europe grows: European CFR poll finds only 1 in 10 support NATO/Ukraine war against Russia. [48] It would have made a difference in the day when NATO and the United States stood for democracy.

Gatewaypundit: Massive Spanish farmer protest; [49] Ukraine media: Farmers in NATO ally Poland call on Putin to bring order to Ukraine, Brussels, and Poland's governments. [50]

Conflict of interest: Julian Assange judge previously worked for MI6. [51] Judge was paid to represent MI6 interests whose illegal activities WikiLeaks exposed.

Wikileaks reveals Navalny’s US funding as DC exploits his death. [52]

RFK Jr. rebukes the Deep State by tweeting, "I’m going to pardon Assange and Snowden on Day 1." [53] Assange to be extradited after 10 years of torture by Western powers. [54]

The Hill: Ukraine can no longer win. [55] In fact it never had a chance.

Suicide Squad: G7 plot to steal Russia's assets will destroy the US dollar. [56]

Letitia James prepares to seize Trump properties. [57]

Russians react to death of Alexei Navalny. [58] Squash the Western media with Truth!! [59]

Soros-funded fake news Vice News closes shop. [60]

Lukashenko: NATO provocation against civilians is being prepared in Poland. [61] Avdiivka postscript: The question is whether US and NATO will escalate the conflict to re-gain the advantage. [62]

Ten years after the US-backed Euromaidan coup are Ukrainians better off? [63]

30-year high: food costs consume record share of Americans’ income. [64]

Adam Schiff leads the way in resuscitating Russia hoax in time for 2024 election. [65]

Navalny compared his treatment by media and government to Donald Trump. [66][67]

Libertarians justifiably dismayed about abuse of power by the Deep State's extradition of Julian Assange for a show trial, which is on the verge of overcoming the last hurdle in the UK. [68] Why is Navalny's death vital for Americans—as Assange faces final 'life or death' extradition appeal? [69]

Ex-NATO official reveals the lies of neocon warmongers to German public. [70]

Left and Right against the Deep State middle: Noam Chomsky agrees with Rand Paul in opposing the persecution of Julian Assange, whom Biden is attempting to extradite for life imprisonment in the U.S.

Western hypocrisy and the rules based order when it comes to political prisoners. [71] Tucker: They want Julian Assange to die in prison for embarrassing the CIA. [72]

Deep State weasel and Russia hoaxer Mike Morell backs Nikki Haley. [73]

NYPD officers attacked inside illegal migrant shelter. [74] 4 migrants attack and strangle man in liberal hellhole city. [75]

Lukashenko: NATO plotting a false flag attack on the Polish-Belarus border. [76]

Anglo-American Axis, not Ukraine, is responsible for destroying Russian ships. [77] Examining US neocons’ wider Black Sea strategy. [78]

Government-backed censors who rigged the 2020 election are now stealing 2024. [79]

Tucker Carlson Uncensored: The national security state & the inversion of democracy. [80]

Hispanics trust Trump over Biden on economy, immigration, Ukraine, and Israel by over 20 points. [81]

Russia sanctions boomerang update: UK officially enters recession. [82]

Pro-abortion leftists mad TexasHeartbeat law saved thousands of non-white babies. [83]

BoJo, who thwarted peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, wants $1 million for interview with Tucker Carlson. [84] Elon Musk: A peace deal should have been done a year ago...thousands of boys have died for nothing. [85]

Breaking Daily Caller Exclusive: GOP civil war deepens as Senators claim McConnell threw party’s voters 'under the bus' on Ukraine, border. [86]

Significance of the capture of Avdiivka. [87][88][89] Another Russian general comes back from the dead to score a big win. [90] Avdiivka, Munich, chaos. [91]

Everything is going wrong for the Deep State - What makes them so dangerous now. [92] The Federalist: It’s time for lawmakers to respect the foreign policy goals of the voters who elected them. [93]

Stephen Bryen: Regime change is Kiev. [94] Zelensky may soon be forced out thanks to Avdiivka [95]

Biden weeps for Navalny while ignoring Gonzalo Lira. [96] Ron Paul Report: Navalny narrative doesn't make sense. [97] Russell Brand: Who killed Navalny? [98] More evidence of UK direct involvement. [99]

Gen Michael Flynn exposes Ukraine money laundering scheme. [100] Charlie Kirk: The truth about funding Ukraine. [101]

Ukrainian anti-Zelensky guerillas burn down drone factory in Lviv. [102]

Ukraine crushingly defeated in the International Court of Justice. [103]

Avdiivka liberated, [104] NATO defeated, Ukraine collapsing. [105]

Russian media: US chemical weapons used by Ukraine. [106][107]

How Ukraine is becoming the largest market for distribution of human organs. [108]

Scholz and lackeys dig grave for Germany. [109] Bloomberg News: Germany's days as an industrial superpower are coming to an end. [110]

Truckers cancelling deliveries to New York City; [111][112] Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank: 'I will never invest in New York now'. [113]

Biden's Navy spits in the face of SCOTUS. [114]

Belarus braces for NATO terrorist attacks from Poland. [115]

Biden doesn't know Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel aren't in NATO. [116][117]

Pathetic decline by neocon Nikki Haley, who "Refuses to say she will support Trump if he wins nomination." [118]

Raise your privileged hand if you’re willing to ‘fight to the last Ukrainian’. [119] The contrast of global elites at cocktail parties at the Munich Security Conference and what's happening on the battlefields of Ukraine is shocking, if not outright sickening. [120] Avdiivka update. [121]

European governments look for ways to send Ukraine refugees home. [122]

Liberal censorship: Awards for the top science fiction excluded several authors to avoid offending China. [123]

Business Insider: 'Ukraine's military is shifting to a defensive strategy that failed Nazi Germany in WWII'. [124]

“confiscatory, extreme, and abusive”, observes law professor Jonathan Turley about the absurd fine by the liberal NYC court of Trump. [125]

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: How the CIA destabilizes the world. [126] Slaying the dragon of globalism. [127]

How Obama handed President Trump a court victory over Dirty Jack Smith. [128]

CIA 'cooked the intelligence' to hide that Russia favored Clinton, not Trump in 2016. [129] Why even Democrats should care about the 'cooked intelligence' Russiagate scandal. [130]

Matt Taibbi: Many reporters paid for covering the Russiagate story. [131]

TX AG Ken Paxton lambasts as an "America Last RINO" Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) for voting to send $95B to foreign countries while Texas is deluged with illegal aliens. [132] Throwing good money after bad in Ukraine? [133]

Prospective Russian victory over the collective West in the Ukraine proxy war will open the first vista of potential historic exodus from the limits of liberalism. [134]

Biden DOJ arrests whistleblower who exposed Biden corruption. [135]

Gatewaypundit: Avdiivka reinforced by Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion. [136] Ukrainian 'elite brigades' sacrificed in Avdiivka. [137][138] Azov regiment being destroyed in Avdiivka. [139]

End of Avdiivka. End of Zelensky? [140] MTG to UK Nazi-backing foreign minister David Cameron: 'Kiss my a**'. [141]

Planetary scare: Russian doomsday space weapon steals headlines of Avdiivka collapse. [142][143] Stinchfield: The 'urgent' national security threat is a ruse to force support for Ukraine. [144]

Texas’s War on diversity programs at public universities.[145]

'Multiplied' doc gives intimate look at Christianity's growth amid persecution: 'It's exploding'.[146]

Robert Gouveia update of Big Fani case. [147] Big Fani has unhinged meltdown on live TV. [148][149] Good Lawgic: Fani's testimony- dissecting effective examination of a hostile witness. [150]

America endures day of chaos, violence as ObamaGate information is unveiled. [151] President Trump was a victim of espionage, both foreign and domestic. [152]

Does the US have a coherent foreign policy? [153]

Putin endorses Biden for president in 2024. [154]

5 dead in Zelensky regime terror attack on Belgorod, including a 4 month old infant. [155][156]

Report: Zelensky regime plotted assassination of French president Macron and wanted to blame Russia. [157]

Larry Johnson: Intelligence community asked to scare the hell out of Congress and voters in order to fund Ukraine. [158] Ukraine 'foreign aid' bills are taxpayer-funded stimulus for DC Beltway parasites. [159] Speaker Johnson shuts down Senate's foreign funding bill. [160]

Who had 'Russian space nukes' on their election-year-disruption Bingo cards? [161]

Conservative of the Year Sen JD Vance warns of 'impeachment time bomb' embedded in Senate Ukraine aid bill. [162][163][164] Tucker interviews JD Vance: They’re using Ukraine to sabotage a potential Trump presidency. [165]

'Heaven help us' - Sen Mike Lee rails against Ukraine aid scam. [166]

Ukraine digital ID: Your bank account will be seized if you attempt to dodge the draft (men and women); [167] Also, your driver license will be cancelled and car impounded. No travel outside the country. [168]

Biden White House caught colluding with DOJ to get Trump. [169]

Mayorkas impeached. [170]

Zerohedge: White House chaos: Susan Rice slammed Becerra over border; Biden 'exploded' with rage. [171]

Inflation up 18% since Biden seized power. [172]

Farm protests against the climate agenda continue. [173] India is having farm protests.[174] Farmers in NATO ally Bulgaria protest cheap Ukraine imports. [175] In many places in the world, agriculture and food prices are key political battlegrounds and right-wing populism is rising.

Azov Nazis destroyed after Russian missile attack. [176]

Transgender extremists stage insurrection at Iowa State Capitol. [177]

Kamala: 'I am ready to serve'. [178]

Trump's NATO comments are quite sensible. [179]

Israeli Christian Arab & ex-IDF soldier puts liberal anarchist "reporter" in his place. [180]

Ron Johnson, Elon Musk, and JD Vance: Russia is not going to lose the war. [181][182]

Lakewood Church shooter identified as anti-semitic transgender immigrant. [183]

Dan Bongino: The J6 uniparty bomber video is out, and it’s worse than I thought. [184]

BBC has a Nazi problem - supporting Ukraine. [185]

Senate tries to sneak in $60 billion Ukraine democide bill under guise of Super Bowl hoopla in rare Sunday vote. [186] Bad assumptions, bad results. [187]

Candace Owens: Putin exposes the CIA. [188]

CIA had foreign intel agencies spy on Trump Team, triggering Russia collusion hoax; [189] explaining Russiagate exposé. [190]

Gordon Chang: Biden opened the floodgates of hell. [191][192] Dr. Corsi reviews. [193]

Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson. [194] What has the Putin interview achieved? [195] Tucker discusses Russia and the Big Question, 'Are we being played by Western intel?' [196]

Korybko: Putin debunked five Western myths in his interview with Tucker. [197]

BoJo has meltdown after exposed for sabotaging Ukraine peace deal. [198]

It takes one to know one: California liberal Adam Schiff, candidate for Dianne Feinstein's Senate seat, accuses the special prosecutor's report that Biden is mentally incompetent of political "hackery". [199] It was Russia! [200]

"WHAT A SHAME: Hollywood Panics as Box Office Sales Plunge to ‘Alarming Lows.’" [201]

Unplug the Super Bowl, overridden with gambling promotions from Las Vegas as a demonic pagan ritual for greedy billionaire owners. Spend Sunday night with friends or family without the addiction, or by exercise and/or reading/writing.

Biden Super Bowl tweet reminds people how bad he screwed things up. [202]

Hollywood values' double standard: "Homeless people cleared by city of Sacramento ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio movie shoot." [203]

Tucker Carlson wipes the floor with Hillary Clinton and the media. [204]

DOJ declares Biden mentally unfit, Biden has screaming seizure on television, [205] says Mexican president is calling the shots in Gaza. [206] Garland asked to formally invoke 25th Amendment. [207][208]

The Biden-Schumer plan to kill more Ukrainians. [209]

Cattle crisis update: Production plummets to decades-low, ‘Biden policies hurting America’s cattlemen;’ [210] Polish farmers join populist protest against climate agenda. [211]

Tucker interviews Vladimir Putin. [212] Post Putin interview discussion forum. [213]

Special Council: Biden too demented to stand trial for willful violations of the law. [214][215][216] Classified documents found in Biden’s possession from Hunter’s Burisma work. [217][218]

Biden completely lost his mind in one shocking new video. [219][220] Biden defends himself against charges of dementia. [221]

Larry Johnson: The United States and Europe are hell bent on sparking World War III. [222]

Pathetic failure by the Never-Trumpers: even liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices reject the scheme to exclude Trump from the ballot. [223] Justice Gorsuch makes mincemeat out of anti-Trump atty. [224] Trump crushes SCOTUS. [225]

Defense One: US may cut psyops force. [226] After losing bigtime in Ukraine, it's a waste of money. What professional journalism looks like, according to CNN. [227]

Military and Foreign Affairs Network: Battlefield Ukraine Russia Defeats Ukrainian Army. [228] Military Summary: Ukrainian Army Is Knocked Out. [229]

Breaking: Trump wins Nevada and Virgin Islands caucuses. [230]

Nikki Haley loses to "none of these candidates", and even liberals mock her now. [231]

NATO/Ukraine kills 28 civilians at a Lugansk bakery. [232]

Tucker Carlson explains why he'll interview Vladimir Putin. [233] See our new Essay: April 2022 was a pivotal moment in the future of global politics for decades to come.

CBS News: US Intel Community: ‘Carlson’s interview with Putin could be fatal to US Presidential election'. [234] Tucker Carlson added to CIA/Ukrainian nazi assassination list. [235][236]

'Russia Russia Russia' update: EU unelected dictator Ursula von der Leyen says Russia behind populist farm protests. [237] The Hill Rising: EU wants to sanction Tucker Carlson over Putin interview. [238] Ron Paul: EU freakout over Tucker. [239]

Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov: Putin has denied interview requests with Western media for 2 years due to bias. [240] American media censorship about Russia: some examples. [241]

Stephen Bryen: Zaluzhny out, Syrsky in. [242] Ground launched small diameter bombs: Why this new munition can't help Ukraine. [243]

Report: ineffective Ronna McDaniel is leaving as RNC Chair and will be replaced by Michael Whatley, who helped Trump carry North Carolina last time and is a bulldog against election fraud. [244]

China is facing the US financial crisis 'on steroids' as the Chinese real estate market collapses.[245] See: Chinese real estate crisis (2020–present)

Dem-controlled D.C. Circuit violates ordinary court procedure in its decision against Trump on immunity, by expediting a remand for trial unless the Supreme Court grants a stay soon (which it should grant).

President Trump to the Senate: Only a fool would vote for this horrendous border bill; [246] Schumer: Vote for the bill or I'll send your kids to war. [247]

Democrat border deal: Ukraine gets more money, Americans get more poor illegal immigrants. [248]

Red Sea tensions lead to rising demand for Russian rail routes. [249]

The disaster that is the Senate's new border bill. [250][251][252] Under the Senate’s atrocious border bill, everybody gets asylum. [253]

Belgian & Dutch farmers team up against globalist policies in the name of climate change. [254] Farmers set bonfires in Brussels to protest EU sending €50 billion to Ukraine; [255] globalists respond with rubber bullets. [256] Italian farmers join strike. [257] Spanish farmers in populist revolt. [258]

President Trump demands Ronna Romney McDaniel be fired as RNC chair. [259]

2024: Good news for Christianity and bad news for militant atheists.[260]

Demonic, often-atheistic gamblers expect God's side to win: the near-rookie Super Bowl 49ers "Mr. Irrelevant" QB, who plays for the glory of God, is favored over the twice-champion Chiefs preferred by the liberal media.

Pandemic of gambling on sports by young men exposed by 60 Minutes: 50 million addicts, and "nearly half feel they're betting more than they should." [261]

Biden ducks another big interview, the traditional high-audience one before the Super Bowl, while the Dem political machine continues to ensure that ballots are cast for him. [262]

NYT challenges transgender industry narrative. [263]

Fascist regime of the Liberal Party of Canada forced to end its extermination of the mentally disabled. [264]

Biden kills 30 fighters in Iraq and Syria. [265] World watches in horror as declining Biden attempts to retaliate. [266] Why US airstrikes won’t solve anything in Iraq and Syria. [267]

Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: Biden's new Ukraine policy. [268]

Elon Musk tweets to his 171M followers that "Biden’s strategy is very simple: 1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state." [269]

Setback for Never-Trumper Deep State: Jack Smith's persecution of Trump in DC "Has Been Removed from Court Calendar – Postponed Indefinitely." [270] Big Fani confesses to lawbreaking and ethics charges, [271][272] calls accusers 'racist'. [273]

Biden announces to the world that the United States plans to attack somebody somewhere soon. [274]

Uniparty bomber exposed in J6 false flag attack, [275]

WaPo: US war plans for Ukraine don’t foresee retaking lost territory. [276] Them why did we go to war?

Chickens in the Middle East. [277]

Cracks begin to show at Davos. [278] Trepidation flows like honeyed vinegar at the elite's annual humanity-hating bash.

Political crisis in Ukraine. [279]

4 years later: never forget what they did to us. [280]

Setback to liberal judicial supremacy: Elon Musk boldly announces he'll move Tesla's incorporation to Texas, in repudiation of an arrogant Delaware court eliminating his shareholder-approved compensation. [281]

'End of empire': Investigation into viral sex tape filmed in Congress dropped with no charges. [282][283] Backdoor justice: Gay sex in the Senate chambers is okay but if you put your feet on a table, you get four years.

Illegal immigrants beat 2 NY Police Officers in Times Square, [284] released with no bail. [285] Hochul criticizes Fat Alvin. [286]

Something fishy: Judge and Biden goon Dirty Jack meet without President Trump attorney present. [287]

Daily Caller: Pentagon’s Special Ops office holds talk on ‘far-right’ domestic terrorism. [288] Is the Biden regime thinking of using the US military against US citizens? [289]

Ukraine loses in the ICJ. [290] The US has been lying about Russia for 10 years.

Gatewaypundit: Biden regime refuses to hand over transcript of Biden’s speech calling for firing of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. [291]

USAF Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski: American technicians likely part of team that shot down Russian plane carrying Ukrainian POWs. [292]

Deep State high priestess Victoria Nuland in Kyiv. [293] Ukraine continues to lose 1000 soldiers daily as Russia adds 1000 daily.

May nation 'A' attack nation 'B' if 'B' is supplying weapons used to attack nation 'A'. [294]

The Postil: The Russian art of war: How the West led Ukraine to defeat. [295]

President Trump moves to disqualify Big Fani, Georgia moves to impeach Fani; [296] fired whistleblower exposes everything, lover boy refuses to go to court. [297]

Sen. Josh Hawley gets Democrat mega-donor and election rigger Mark Zuckerberg to stand and apologize to Facebook & Instagram child-sex victims. [298][299]

White House official tells James O’Keefe what 'they can't say publicly' about Biden and Kamala Harris. [300]

Trump Administration official shot in lawless Democrat DC. [301]

Congress dumps plan to commemorate officers who murdered mostly peaceful J6 protesters. [302]

President Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. [303]

Full unredacted Ashley Biden diaries released. [304]

Karine Jean-Pierre claims Americans died fighting for the Biden regime. [305] After funnelling billions to Ukraine proxies, Biden vows vengeance on country supplying proxies with weapons. [306]

Biden to have his campaign pulled at the last minute in August, according to new report. [307]

The hybridization of asymmetric & political warfare. [308] Engineered political tension in the US and Canada.

The Bidenazation of Pakistan: Imran Khan sentenced to 10 years days before election. [309]

MSNBC's Joy Reid apparently opposes more war. [310] Tucker's take. [311]

Ukraine: No chance to win - zero democracy - power scuffle. [312] What is Zelensky's personal wealth? [313]

The American Conservative: Ukrainian double-dealing made clear as US considers billions more aid. [314] GOP Uniparty Senators worried border deal collapsing, Ukronazi aid at risk. [315]

Zerohedge: Biden blackmail intensifies: won't shut border until Congress coughs up Ukronazi aid. [316] Politico: Kyiv accuses military brass of procurement graft. [317]

Breitbart: Zelensky spox: $130 billion in Ukraine aid not going to Ukraine, but is benefitting American interests. [318] WaPo: Ukraine hopes for victory slipping away. [319]

Ukrainian dictator Volodymyr Zelensky asks for Gen Zaluzhny's resignation, Zaluzhny refuses. [320]

AP: Taking away Trump's business empire would stand alone under New York fraud law. [321][322]

Big Fani team admits to collusion with Biden regime. [323]

Bidenomics Update: McDonald's Big Mac costs $18 in Darien, Connecticut. [324]

Snoop endorses Trump; Taylor Swift exposed as fed psyop to rig 2024 election. [325]

Biden retaliates against Texas's border stance by suspending its new liquified natural gas exports, of which Texas is the 3d largest in the world. [326]

Our "best of the public" NFL QB Brock Purdy, dubbed "Mr. Irrelevant" by the lamestream media, makes the Super Bowl with an "epic comeback" based on this prayer: ‘Alright God, you’ve taken me here, win or lose, I’m going to glorify you.’ [327]

Brian Berletic: US withdrawal from Syria and Iraq: worst-case scenario. [328]

Larry Johnson: Going to war with Iran. [329] Moon of Alabama: War on the Middle East - the time of monsters. [330] War Pigs. [331] There is nothing 'America First' about escalating a conflict.

126 shooting casualties in Chicago in January. [332]

US troops suffer fatalities in strikes as escalation grows. [333]

Oklahoma GOP condemns Lankford in border-secuirty-for-Ukronazi-aid-deal; [334] $40 million in Ukraine military aid stolen by Ukraine officials. [335]

Conservative Heritage Foundation rates US military as 'weak'. [336]

Biden, DOD and the Army are not protecting US soldiers from air attacks. [337] Kyiv corruption has spread to Washington.

Ukraine: Desperate times call for desperate war crimes. [338]

Bloomberg: UK tanker carrying Russian oil burns in the Gulf of Aden. [339] Zerohedge: The US Navy essentially lost a battle at sea this week. [340] The seriousness of the new US war in the Red Sea and with Yemen has been vastly understated and under-covered...The Houthi are doing far more damage than the US and its media acknowledges.

House reveals Articles of Impeachment against Homeland Security commissar Alejandro Mayorkas. [341]

South Carolina Blacks bail on Biden ahead of primary. [342]

The Trump - E. Jean Carroll case is the greatest miscarriage of justice in modern history. [343]

Crowning a Ukrainian as 'Miss Japan' shows spread of liberal-globalism. [344]

German farmers protest economic policy forced by failed Russia sanctions. [345] German farm protests spread to France. [346][347][348]

80th commemoration of breaking the Siege of Leningrad, Putin: aggression against Russia shows: Nazism has not yet been eliminated. [349]

Biden claims his son Beau was killed in the Normandy invasion when Joe was 2 years old. [350]

Elon Musk moves closer to endorsing Trump, by publicly rebuking Biden's deception Friday night about his ruinous open border policy. [351]

Bidenomics update: Blue jean maker Levi Strauss to lay off 15,000 Americans. [352]

Conservative of the Year Finalist Ken Paxton rebukes Biden's demand for access to cut the razor-wire fence: "your request is hereby denied," Paxton bolded. [353][354] Paxton: Biden regime working with cartels. [355]

National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago: 68% of Russians express apprehension about LGBTQ influence, 64% see the War in Ukraine as a civilizational struggle between Russia and the West. [356][357]

25 states support Texas in border invasion. [358][359] States may send additional National Guard to seal border. [360]

Gen. Michael Flynn: The Constitution allows Texas to engage at the southern border. [361][362]

JusttheNews: FBI luminaries warn Congress that US is being invaded. [363][364] [365]

Border crisis shows how much contempt America’s establishment has for democracy. [366]

Biden forced to stop funding United Nations Relief Agency after evidence of 12 UNRWA agents participating in Oct 7 terrorist attack against Israel. [367]

Update: First Nordstream, then Biden suspends export of LNG gas in order to destroy both the Texas and European economies. [368]

David Stockman: Trump’s right: kill McConnell’s Ukraine-aid-for-border-security abomination. [369][370] Kill the bill. [371] Senate border bill is a 'stinking pile of crap'. [372] Update: Speaker Johnson: Senate border deal DOA. [373][374]

Biden domestic and foreign policy implosion. [375]

Confirmed: Zelensky regime shot down plane carrying its own POWs. [376]

Ukraine media: Ukraine looses 1,200 soldiers per day. [377] The price of failed wars. [378]

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